Sunday, September 22, 2013


Most mornings on our way to school, both boys think it's cool to hide somewhere and then jump out to scare me. Madison, who's now seven years old understands that he needs to hide his whole body so the scare can be more authentic. Noah, who's now four, hasn't yet worked this out. He will hide his eyes behind some leaves and think I can't see any of him. I think it's totally adorable. Today, Madison hopped behind the bush like Noah does, and said, "Hey look Mum, camaflouged!"

Then it was on. We hid behind leaves and branches, used leaves as mustaches (or as Noah says, "Boostarth"), and had a bit of fun. Turns out that Noah has a special word for camouflage too: "Camatamath". Pure gold.

Do your children hide their eyes and think you can't see them? Do they also randomly jump out from behind objects and scream "BOO!"?

Thanks so much for popping in.

Wearing: PONCHO, Hand-me-down (thanks Mel + Lindy!). JEANS, Gasp. LEOPARD PRINT WEDGES, Target. NECKLACE, Gift from Tahiti (thanks Moe, you gorgeous thing - I LOVE it!) Madison wears: SHIRT ($10!), Cotton On Kids. LONG SLEEVED TEE, Milkshake by Myer. SKINNY JEANS, Gumboots. DESERT BOOTS, Walnut Melbourne. Noah wears: SHIRT ($10!), Cotton On Kids. LONG SLEEVED GRANDPA SHIRT, WitcheryKids. JEANS, Fun Spirit. DESERT BOOTS, Walnut Melbourne.

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