Monday, September 02, 2013


Two-thirds of this year has passed, and in just a few more sleeps, life will return to 'normal'. Hello work, routine, structure, city life.

While having children is the same stuff / different venue, taking this time off to renovate and change location has been so wonderful for all of us. And while most would think that we were crazy to renovate and build a house during our long service leave instead of taking a world trip, this has been a time to realise some of our dreams for the long term. When this cottage is finished, we will have a place where our family can grow up and make beautiful memories; a place where we can walk out our doorstep, and go on the most fabulous of walks; a place where the best beaches are just around the corner; a place where everywhere you turn it's magic.

For now I'm treasuring all the little moments: hot chips by the wharf, long afternoon walks, watching my children roll down the grass hills, climbing rocks at the beach, and tipping our toes in the cool sea water.

It gives me a lifetime of something to look forward to.

Do you have a place you have made your own?

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