Monday, June 13, 2011

a day in the life of June

I really do not enjoy Fridays. I spend most of the day fielding the question, "What are we doing today?" to which I reply, "We're doing it."

Unfortunately, that answer does not exactly encourage enthusiasm.

And I must admit, the thought of cleaning my house all the way through does not instill much enthusiasm in me either. But what keeps me going is the feeling of achievement that evening, when at the end of the day I can light some candles and have a bubble bath all the while saying to myself, "The kids are in bed, all my jobs are done for the week, and I'm in a completely clean house."

Yep, it sure is worth it.

And here's something I recommend hightly. One of the benefits of writing it all down: Well, Fridays never seem to be the most productive of days for me. And yet, when it's all written down, a fair bit of constructive activity actually happens on a Friday. As well as some recreational activity (for the kids) too (including choosing what tshirt Mummy is going to wear that day).

Who would have thought?