Wednesday, June 29, 2011

a day in the life of June

So... I have a confession.

I'm not one of those girls who has a walk-in wardrobe. I have just one double door. I don't own more than 20 pairs of shoes (surprised?), and I accessorise. And accessorise.

We've almost come to the end of a month, I have to say that I'm almost out of options. You've pretty much seen everything in my wardrobe.


But I'm saving some for when I go back to the usual program here at a day in the life of us. You know, when we get all interactive and Fancy Pants again. And if I ever do a run of these style thingies, I'm inspired to go harder for shorter. You know, one piece of clothing worn seven days in a row completely differently. I was thinking "7 days, 7 ways".

But a month? Phew. This was harder work than anyone gives credit for. How do these style blogs do it?

Seriously. They make it seem so effortless. And they must have a huuuuge wardrobe. Or a huge budget. Or they shop at only opshops. Or they sew. Or they swap. Or they own their very own clothing line.

Quite unlike me on all accounts.

But it's been fun. And I only have two more days to go.

If you did this every day for a month, do you think you could make your outfits look different each day? How do you think you would go?

Thanks for stopping by!