Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a day in the life of June

So, I was thinking about my schedule and wondering how much I should put in there. Because it's not really complete.

You know, I don't really include toilet stops, conversations, phone calls (personal or work), and I don't include the amount of times I'm up to children during the night. I round the times to the closest quarter hour and I don't include the times I have a quick game of Words With Friends.

Once upon a time, long ago (BC - before children), I use to be able to talk to friends for hours on the phone. After all, my evenings were a bit more free than they are now. When I visited friends, we could hang out all afternoon.

Then I had kids.

Phone calls to friends only happen when I'm in the car (bluetooth is my best friend), and I take/make work calls while I'm making dinner. That multi-tasking skill sure is maximised around here, that's for sure. Catch ups with friends are limited to how long the children behave (then it's time to get out of there!) and if I'm using the toilet, I check my mobile phone for messages. After all, it's usually when I have a moment to myself. Well, sometimes anyway. Most of the time the kids are under my feet.

Actually, they literally are under my feet right now. Under my desk playing a game, in fact.

If you recorded every single thing in your day, how would it look?

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