Wednesday, June 22, 2011

a day in the life of June

Hop to it, it's been a busy day! Gym, flat tyre (I changed it in the freezing cold!), pack lunches, race to the pool...

But one of my favourite things on Tuesdays is the chance to play with my boys in before, during and after their swimming classes. There, we can forget about the troubles at home (ie. the housework, the mess, the office work), and just be. Of course, my least favourite thing is getting out of the pool.

It's freezing!

And then there's two hungry boys who can't seem to keep it together while we're having a shower and getting dry. The most common things said during this time is:

"MUUUM, why do you dry Noah first?"

"MUUUM, why do I have to dress myself?"

"MUUUM, I don't want to put my shoes on."

"MUUUM, Why can't I eat my lunch now?"

"OWWCH, my head hurts when you rub it with a towel."

"MUUUM, I'm cold because you're dripping water all over me."

Seriously... I say the same things every time: the toddler is dressed first because he's the naughtiest, and also quickest to dress, then I can lock him in the pram where he can't go anywhere. We all have to get dressed because it's FREEZING outside (didn't you notice on the way to the bathroom?), plus you're five - a big boy now - you don't need Mum to dress you (but she usually does). We all have to get dressed before we eat our packed lunch, because otherwise nothing will get done. Well, I can't do anything about how soft your head is, plus I'm being as gentle with the towel as I can.

And finally, you think you're cold? I'm dressing both of you dripping wet and naked before I dress myself. I'm literally chattering my teeth while you winge away.

Kids. Who'd have 'em?

Me, of course.

Especially the bit where I get to go swimming with them.