Thursday, June 30, 2011

a day in the life of June

Marriage breaker? Me? Never!

Today a friend from kinder told me she was planning on leaving her husband. She's worked out a budget, got an apartment, and is about to sign the lease. I can't begin to tell you how devastated I was, and how into marriage recovery mode I went.

I surprised myself, and realised today, I am an ambassador for marriage. Not once did I utter the words, "You should do it". Not once. I was flat out angling ways to see if there was a chance that she could work it out with her husband. After all, they have two kids. And I know it's not about the kids, but still... it's about the vows. They really do mean something.

Today I also realised that I now make a conscious decision when someone visits my house for the first time. I decide how I want this friendship to go. And I muttered to myself:

"Do I want this friendship to be one of airs and graces, or do I want to be really real with this friendship?"

And today I decided it was going to be the latter. Mostly because it was a mad day, I'd been out all afternoon doing some research. Washing was half done on the floor, and when she was coming over, I knew I wouldn't have a chance to even wipe down the bathroom benches and clean the toilet.

Yep, I was going to be the warts and all type of friend. And I hoped that was okay with her. Because every time I've been to her house, it's always been really neat, clean and tidy. None of which I could describe my house on Wednesday.

Mind you, she and her boys did stay for dinner. That can't be a bad sign, right?

Thanks for stopping by. (Oh, and yes. I finally uploaded the image... and that's me smacking my head because it took so long. Doh!)