Monday, June 20, 2011

a day in the life of June

It must have been true love when I met my husband. (I just didn't know it at the time - because it was eight years later before we finally got together). I've always been a person who loves to be busy - you know, fill in the days with good stuff. And he was the first guy who had a busier life than I did.

When we lived in Papua New Guinea we spent a lot of time dreaming of what we would do when we returned to Australia. It really helped count down those really hard/homesick days. And it sure did give me so much to look forward to when we got home.

And here we are. Four years back in our homeland, and sometimes our life is so mad busy we hardly get a chance to talk on some days. In fact, life can be so caught up in the routine and maintenance, we can lose sight of the big picture. Today, we re-grouped. It was one of those days where our hubby and I envisaged what our dreams were and made some more steps to make them a reality.

Our usual weekly planning involves a diary swap: we get out our diaries and I fill in what days he's going to be away, and what he has in store for the week. I let him know of anything relevant to him and the kids, and if I'm going to be out for the week.

So, back to our big plans... this week we have phone calls to make, things to sell, and plans to confirm.

And it makes me all excited all over again.

Do you share your dreams with your partner/friends? Do they become a reality?

(Oh, and the photo above? It's an old one I took because I didn't take a photograph yesterday. Call me silly, but there were just too many people around to take a photo. And even sillier, but how is it I can post a photo of me on my public blog to potentially a few hundred people, but not actually pose for it in front of my husband and two children? Even I'm perplexed. And I know you were dying to see me in my gardening gear, complete with work boots! Anyway... hasn't the persimmon come a long way? Oh, and as part of my blogging time, I googled "What to do with persimmons". More about that later.)