Wednesday, July 20, 2011

seven signs that your child loves you...

I know my children love me, but this came in my email box not long ago and was just what I needed to hear... again. And it was encouragement to remember that there is more to look forward to in the future. 

1. Your newborn stares into your eyes — he's actually working hard to memorise your face. He doesn't understand anything else about the world, but he knows you're important.

2. Your baby thinks about you even when you're not around.
Between eight and 12 months old, he'll start to scrunch his face and look around when you leave the room — and he'll smile when you return.

3. Your toddler throws wicked tantrums.
Nope, those screaming fits don't mean he's stopped loving you. He couldn't show he was so hurt and angry if he didn't trust you so deeply.

4. Your toddler runs to you for comfort when he falls down or feels sad.
Children this age may not truly understand the meaning of "I love you," but their actions speak louder than words.

5. Your preschooler gives you a flower picked from the garden
, a finger-painted heart, a sparkly stone or another gift.

6. Your preschooler wants your approval.
He'll start to be more cooperative around the house and he'll look for chances to impress. "Look at me!" will become a catchphrase.

7. Your school-age child trusts you with secrets
, such as his first crush or his most embarrassing moment. You're his confidante, even if he shies away from your hugs in public.

This article came from here.

How does your child tell you that s/he loves you?


  1. This is gorgeous Kymmie! Nugget tells me he misses me when we are away from each other each day. Doo dah says " I've got something to tell you Mum" and the twins have regular tantrums! So much love :-)

  2. oh so cute! some nearly made me cry! i love the little signs my kids give me, like wrapping up scraps bits of paper and saying they are presents, or just coming up randomly for a cuddle. My daughter's just learnt that she'll get a great reaction from me when she says, "i wuve you big massive" - it just melts me


  3. Utterly beautiful Kymmie, gave me goosebumps. It's nice to be reminded of these things... actually it's nice to actually read about them, because so often I don't think of them in this way.
    My Mr3 gives the most tender, loving kisses at the moment, holding my face gently between his chubby little hands. It's magic!
    My Mr1 likes to bite... ok, so slightly more aggressive, but he does it with passion and love ;o)
    LOVE the pic of your little man... he is a darling xo

  4. Nice! thanks for sharing. I'm kind of in the stage of "encouraging" my daughter to do number 7. As I feel she is about to go through those issues real soon. Eeeek!

  5. just made me feel right now how special and beautiful it can be to be a mother to the most gorgeous kids ever...each word felt 'alive' and reminded me how 'good enough' mother u have been like Winnicott says:)

  6. Even though my kids are all older (early 20's and one 15 year old), I recognise all of these. Thank you for making me remember. :)

  7. Lordy, I needed to read that today! Have just RT'ed, think a few Mamas will benefit from reading this too x

  8. Ohh love this- can really relate :)

  9. My favorite is the first one. I will never ever forget that moment when my newborn child stared straight into my soul and scrunched my heart in the process. Such a beautiful moment that I want to relive to this day. Thanks for this post, Kymmie xx

  10. And to think in the midst of getting from A to B these small yet remarkable displays mean the world.


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