Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Love a casual day where I'm not working in the office, and I can run around like a mummy who helps out at school, feeds her sick (that's me today), and tends to the Groundhog Day-ness of housework. I love even more a day where I can just hang with my kids.

Today is a beautiful sunshine-y day in Melbourne. And even warm enough for no socks (Although I'm not sure I'd choose a tshirt and shorts like my son Noah!) Gotta love a day where I'm at home to enjoy it. I'm just sorry my eldest boy can't play in the sun which I know he'd love to do. Perhaps when he gets his energy back.

Must be time to get some boys a simple meal and put them to bed.

Have you tried primary colours with red jeans? How do you do a nautical look?

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Kymmie wears: SKINNY JEANS, Caroline Morgan. SINGLET, Giordano. TOP, JeansWest. DENIM JACKET, Cotton On. FLATS, Target. NECKLACE, Lovisa. Noah wears: TEE, Gift (thanks Daniella!). DENIM SHORTS, Esprit Kidsworld. PIRATE GUMBOOTS, Kmart.

a day in the life of us


  1. Love this look... think I may "borrow" it :)

  2. these jeans are so cute! i am really loving colored denim lately.

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  4. The beads are the perfect finish here, Kymmie. As is the little dude arm candy! x

  5. The beads are the perfect finish here, Kymmie. As is the little dude arm candy! x

  6. Love this entire look but if it was a 'must have socks' day, I'd go for navy blue converses perhaps?

  7. Ooo was looking forward to this post! LOVE what you've done with the red jeans again Kymmie. The blue and white does make a gorgeous nautical look actually. Gotta love a no sock day, wish I could say the same for Sydney, it's rainy and cold here, Booooo!
    Hope your big boy is feeling all better asap xo

  8. Who would of thought that red jeans were so versatile. I love how you are mixing it up Kymmie. Totally adore Monday's look with the poncho and yesterday's jacket is gorgeous.
    Today's look has quite a nautical feel to it and that chunky necklace finishes the outfit beautifully.

    Your hair is gorgeous at this length too :)

  9. I like the nautical stripes. You are a woman with a versatile wardrobe my friend x

    PS Clearly all Noah's are gorgeous?!?

  10. aahhh.... you look like your set to sail on the sea! love this look, so fresh and vibrant xx


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