Saturday, July 10, 2010


There's only emptiness
In the late of night
Just before I closed my eyes - Toni Braxton

Every night it’s the same.

I say, “I’m going to have an early night.” But then I work until all the jobs are done, and then I want to unwind, log onto Facebook, do some blogging, and...

Voila. It’s after midnight.

And I wonder, how did this happen?

Then I retrace my steps... was there a stage when I should have stopped my jobs? Perhaps I shouldn't have checked my emails? Should I just have not tried to finish everything?

Why so late every night?

So last night I'm in bed by 11:30pm. Not bad. But definitely not early.

At midnight my phone rings. It's my Special People calling from Heathrow Airport. We chat for a bit, and then we're disconnected.

An hour later they ring again. We chat some more. They were upgraded and spent their 22 hour journey in first class. They have had a great trip. They're buzzing with excitement and have just passed Windsor House.

Then I can't go back to sleep. For a moment I felt like I was in their hire car with them. And I'm replaying the conversation, sensing their relaxed vibe. And wishing I was there.

Perhaps I'll try an early night tomorrow...

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  1. Oh I SO hear you on this one. Shannon tells me every night to go to bed earlier but I just can't or I get nothing done! So frustrating!


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