Monday, July 12, 2010

12th plan b | a day of innings instead of a day of outings

Never opened myself this way
Life is ours, we live it our way
All these words I don't just say
and nothing else matters - Metallica

When a child wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, it's easy to just say 'no' to all previous plans.

That's what I did. Playgroup could wait. So today we did other stuff:
  • We cooked dinner for the next three nights
  • We played with our toys
  • We opened birthday presents (thanks to Kellie)
  • We played checkers
  • We learnt the names and moves to all the chess pieces (well... he insisted)
  • And we taught our new monkey (also thanks to Kellie) how to play chess too
  • We drew on our face
  • We played Memory
  • We ran errands, and bought a few necessary items from the shops
And despite the unsure start this morning, the day turned out quite nicely. Two happy children for most of the day.

(We also discovered an extra tooth this evening which might account for the bad behaviour this morning.)

It's days like today that I don't mind being at home for most of it.

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