Sunday, July 18, 2010

18th plan b | sunshine instead of a cloudy day

The train left the station
Blowing steam and smoke
With a carriage full of children
So excited no-one spoke
Hanging out their feet
Was there ever a day so fine!
Waving to all the people
Come to watch the train go by - Hesterman/Meagher

Not my Plan B, but Melbourne's. What a beautiful day to ride on Puffing Billy. Cloudy predictions turned into sunshine. Cold, yet perfect. The rain came in just as we were returning home. What timing.


  1. The kids must have loved that. Laura loves Puffing Billy. How far did you go?

  2. We went to the Lakeside stop and ate at Emerald Park, walked around the lake, and played in the playground. Madison said, We must do that again Mummy.

    I think he liked it.


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