Saturday, July 03, 2010

3rd plan b | attempt two at a weekend outing

Here comes the rain again
Falling on my head like a memory
Falling on my head like a new emotion - Eurythmics

Today's Plan B was last week's Plan B.

Because the boys were sick this weekend and last weekend, we've been kind of isolated. And the idea was to have a picnic lunch so there was something special to look forward to. Also, I'm trying to go to new places, so we experience Melbourne as much as we can. Last week we went to Olinda. Today Finns Reserve. The place was incredible and the flying foxes had a real workout.

And today was the second attempt. The weather was slightly better. But of course it did rain again, but that didn't seem to dampen the boys's spirits. We all had a nice time and it wore them out enough to have some more sleep when they got home.

I sure hope they're on the up and up now (and not contagious) so we can socialise with other people soon.

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