Wednesday, July 14, 2010

14th plan b | taking the time to explain instead of skimming over the details

Where are you going
My beautiful friend
Is this the road that
You take till the end
And if we left behind
Is this the highway
Of our mankind - Big Audio Dynamite

After a full day at the office and at least 3 hours on the road, the last thing I wanted to do tonight was sit down and explain something to my four year old. Especially when it's well past his bedtime, and encroaching on my Quality Me Time.

Why, there's four bags to unpack, washing to sort, things to organise for tomorrow, my to do list to fine-tune, and a bunch of cleaning to do. And that's before I think about taking off my makeup to crawl into bed. (Which is what I really want to do.)

But then I caught myself. My son is asking me really good questions. He wants to learn something. And it is important stuff to learn.

You see, tonight on our way home from the boys' big day at Grandma and Grandpa's place, we called our loved ones in Scotland. It was morning over there when we called at 8:30pm. The whole time Madison couldn't understand how it could be day time over there when it was night time over here.

And so all the way home he kept asking, why. And, could we please look at the globe when we get home?

So after lugging all the days' contents in the house, and putting a sleeping child in his cot, the questions carried on.

And so I gave him the globe. The light was the sun, and the globe was put in place. And we went through it together.

And he understood.

I am so glad that today's Plan B was a lesson both of us could learn.

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