Thursday, July 08, 2010

8th plan b | eating out instead of eating at home

I'd like to direct your attention
To something that needs directing to
A lot of people talk about
Dining in and eating out
I guess that's what this song's about - Madonna

Our daughter Kelly discovered this cute little Moroccan place down the road from our house. It is a homewares shop and organic cafe all rolled into one. And not being one to keep her fantastic discovery a secret, it was time we joined her in her fabulous second experience.

We settled on breakfast.

And for the record, breakfast is my favourite meal. I confess I don't understand why some people just have a cup of coffee when there is so much breakfast food to enjoy... french toast, pancakes, eggs, toast, hot drinks, croissants, oats, quiches... all so yummy... and made for breakfast!

We hardly ever go out for a meal these days. And today was a big reminder why. If you asked me what we talked about, I couldn't have told you. I spent more time chasing the tail of a certain toddler on his journey through Mini-Morocco.

Sad, but true.

And although the food was to die for, I relished in the company of family (when I could). Because as quickly as the house became full of people, laughter and madness, it has just as quickly dissipated. Today we all said goodbye again. And although it's so quiet in the house now... I really miss the noise.


  1. Steve looks like a prince in a Moroccan kingdom :-)

  2. Thats in Croydon right? I love that little place. I love breakfast too! A full house is always wonderful. It's nice to enjoy the peace and quiet but having others around gives the kids something to do which helps them leave you alone for a bit :D

  3. I find the worst thing about eating out is how much it costs!! LOL!! Was the food good though?????

  4. Kofi Beans was the place we visited, and it was divine. The atmosphere, the food... I seriously had to double take that I wasn't in Morocco...

    And yes, the food was organic, therefore expensive. But I also think that it was worth it. A friend's husband said recently, "Life is too short to eat crap food." I agree entirely.


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