Tuesday, September 07, 2010

e is for encouragement

Encouragement: Give simple "you can do it" messages which will support them trying. Praise, when it's genuinely earned, builds self-esteem and a healthy ego.

If I let my child sleep just once in my bed for a couple of hours, this is what I find every night afterwards in my bedroom come my bedtime. I'm told that I encourage this far too much.

In fact, if I join in on any silly antics like tickling, playing or rough behaviour, I am usually the one who is very sorry. It seems my children are encouraged by my play and don't seem to know when to stop. The line is always crossed when the person who is hurt is me.

There is an up-side however... never is my child more satisfied and proud than after hearing the words, "I'm so proud of you". Like today when at his swimming lesson, he swam with straight legs.

His face beams, his eyes light up. And it's like he's being told he's King of the Universe.

Well, actually he is.


Of my universe.

What things do you encourage that you wish you hadn't? And what things have you encouraged and seen your child shine as a result?

The A-Z of Parenting Tips were inspired by this article in the Courier Mail.

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