Thursday, September 30, 2010

on reflection of the parenting alphabet

Now I've reached the letter Z, I've been reflecting on this month's theme.

Not only the way I sound like I work on Sesame Street, but also on the Parenting Tips that aren't on the A-Z list. Like:

C is for Cooking and H is for Housework.

If we're honest, this is what most parents spend their average day doing. Perhaps that's why they're not on the list. Because it has to be done. We just do it anyway. We don't need reminding. So perhaps they just filled the alphabet with random stuff? Or maybe the purpose of the list is to remind us of the many things we're not doing? Because the Mother Guilt isn't there already.

Not. At. All.

My original purpose of blogging about the A-Z of Parenting Tips was so I would remember it. Like an assignment. You know, if you read about it and write about it, it's like studying for an exam, and perhaps I'll remember the parenting alphabet when I spend time with my children.

And while I'm dreaming about all that child affirming, those cuddles and kindness, wouldn't it be nice if there was just more time to do the good stuff? This is where having the extra money for a cleaner would be divine. Then we could just play and spend our best hours loving, enjoying and teaching our children.

After all, isn't that what we really want?

Thanks for joining me on my parenting alphabet journey... Look out for next month's theme: Toddler Fashion.

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