Tuesday, September 07, 2010

i gotta peaceful easy feeling

Today my husband was re-elected.

No, he's not a politician (well, maybe, of sorts). He works for a church. He's a director for that church. For the top level of the church in this country.

And every five years there's an election. And today he was chosen to continue the role he's been working in for the last four years. To do it for another five.

And I'm so relieved. So calm. So excited. So very settled after feeling very unsettled.

And most of all I can continue in the life we've known for another few more years. And live in a place longer than any other place I've ever lived in.

And that makes me very, very happy. Praise God.

Just as happy as the photo that my son took tonight while he was standing in the bath. Yes, I have pool hair. Yes, I look like a dag. But I don't care.

I'm that happy.


  1. That is wonderful news, it is great to have some stability in your life isn't it.

  2. Woohoo, so glad that you can feel settled for another 5 years.

  3. He is so good at his job too. God has BIG plans for that church ;) xo


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