Saturday, September 11, 2010


Saturdays are the days where our household comes to a grinding halt. (Except sleeping and eating, perhaps). And because it's the last day of the week, I often reflect on the six past days and remember all the things I'm grateful for...
  1. We can make more wonderful memories here in our home (Melbourne, Australia). This week, my husband's work contract was renewed for five more years. I'm about to live in a house longer than I've lived anywhere else in my whole life.
  2. Which also means that I get to keep my job too. My flexible Work Around The Kids job. My One Day In A Fabulous Office Surrounded By Gorgeous People job. And work closely with Amazing, Supportive and Affirming people right around Australia.
  3. Plus life will become awfully predictable as I slide into my comfort zone.
 How delicious is that? 

This Saturday I'm Grateful For... is inspired by Maxabella Loves...


  1. Oh wow, is that really your house? That's gorgeous!! I want!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love a new stalker :D

  2. Yes indeedy! It sure is. But now there's paths and stuff... a work in progress. Thanks for stalking me back :-)

  3. Even though we are thinking about leaving you behind I sure am glad that you are not leaving me behind first!!!! I know, it is crazy, but I am grateful to have you around as long as I am going to be around. And I agree about the house, it is beautiful!!! One day we will have our dream home to have a work in progress!!!! You will have to come and visit.

  4. Wow I LOVE! your is the style I have always dreamt of having for myself. One day my dreams will be realised :)


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