Saturday, November 06, 2010

fancy pants

And yes, if you were wondering... he does have a mouth full of food. New thing: we keep it in our mouth for a very long time. And if I ask him if he has finished eating, he delightfully shares with me all those yummy (uneaten) contents. Delightful.

The photographs were taken at Grandma's place on Saturday. It was my Father in law's birthday and the kids just loved running around in their big (and beautifully lawned) backyard. Of course, the eldest (below) spent so much time running around I didn't get a good picture, so had to wait until we got home and by that time he was OVER IT. And it was getting dark, hence the reason why I've put a vintage action on the photographs.

Noah wears: TSHIRT, Kids World (pre-loved by Jacob & Owen). SHIRT, Pumpkin Patch (pre-loved by Lucas). CARGO SHORTS, Cotton On Kids (pre-loved by Madison, gift from big sister Kelly). Madison wears: SHIRT, Jack & Milly. TSHIRT, WitcheryKids. CARGO SHORTS, WitcheryKids.


I play:

Fancy Pants is the way I record my boys and their cute little outfits . Goodness knows, they'll grow out of these clothes before they're worn out!


  1. What gorgeous little boys you have there, I LOVE the picture below, little escape artisit - hilarious!!

  2. And one day when he is a man he may well say What the hell was my mother thinking? :)

    Just kidding - very cute

  3. Such cute boys! And I love your photography.

  4. Oh Loz, I sure am hoping that one day they'll never say "Oh Mum, why did you dress us in striped shirts? Why couldn't you have dressed us in bright orange paisley shirts with giant collars and light blue flares?" Well, that's what I said. Except reversed!

    Suzanne & Little Ted, thank you. Thank you very much ;-)


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