Saturday, November 20, 2010

fancy pants


If the key to great photographs is to persist asking your husband to take a photo every time you're dressed up, making clear all your expectations (flattering photo, include feet, take lots of pictures, be happy about it), then after a while he will get the hang of it.

And be happy about it.

Don't you think he did a much better job this week? Yay for the hubby! I sure am getting use to him being home so much. (Oh, and don't worry, the toddler didn't run out on the road during the photo shoot...) 

And now it's your turn. After doing Fancy Pants for a few weeks now, I've decided that the more who join in, the more fun it will be! All you have to do is grab a picture of you, your offspring, hubby, whoever, all dressed up looking all fancy pants, and attach to the below Linky. You know how I love a bit of interaction (okay, and I'm a little nosy too), and now is your chance. If you don't have kids, I still want to see what you wore... no getting out of this!

Now, I'd love to say that this Linky idea is totally original, but it's not. I've been inspired by Grateful Saturdays @ Maxabella Loves..., Weekend Rewind @ Life In A Pink Fibro, Steppin' Out Saturdays @ Harper's Happenings and What I/We Wore @ Bleubird Vintage (Oh, and can I tell you that I get a little bit excited when I visit each of these beautiful blogs? I highly recommend you visit each and every one!)

There are so many fabulous Linky ideas out there, and this is my contribution for this side of the hemisphere. The Linky will be open all week, and when this one closes, another one will open. I sure hope you contribute too!

Grab my button:

a day in the life of us

And as I mentioned earlier, I'm inspired by:

Madison wears: SHIRT, Levi's copy (gift - thanks Dad & Ria!). SINGLET, Bonds. SKINNY JEANS, Pumpkin Patch. SHOES, Big W. Mummy wears: BATWING TOP, Witchery (by the way, best top to breastfeed in - through the sleeve!). SINGLET, Giordano. SKINNY JEANS, Jeans West. PLATFORM WEDGES, Nine West. EARRINGS, Target (on sale $3!). 
Fancy Pants is the way I record my boys and their cute little outfits . Goodness knows, they'll grow out of these clothes before they're worn out!


  1. Kim you are such a hot mummy!! Love Jenny Fabs xxx

  2. Ah shucks Jenny! You've made my year... xx

  3. Oh Kym, That is a challenge on many levels. Firstly finding time, secondly oppourtnity and thirdly having a willing photographer as you said. But I am always up for a challenge so I will try. Watch this space . . . P.S I agree you are a hot mumma.

  4. Hi Kymmie. I have just found your blog and I have to agree - you look fantastic in these photos and how adorable is your little man!! Hope youre having a lovely weekend!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog! I have to agree, whenever I am dressed up I ask Hubby to take a picture of me with the kids...because I'm not "dressy" very often!!! You look adorable! Your pics are gorgeous!

  6. Oh Im so gonna try to join you on this... thank you for the follow and comment and visits ..I love meeting new people and love new starkers lol..... looking forward to getting to know you more
    So off to try and get the kids all fancy

  7. Your husband took those photos?!! Well there is hope : ) going to start teaching mine today.
    Saw your blog on Mira Narnie, it's awesome

  8. Fantastic pictures, you look gorgeous. Love your red top, I want one of those :)

  9. Love your jeans & your sons outfit is perfection.

  10. oh my goodness, i love your little man's outfit. the faded jeans, the chucks, the button up shirt. awesome! and you look great :)
    hope it's ok i'm linking up my existing post!

  11. you are super cute! love this linky idea - going to have to join in soon - love the idea of getting dressed up and getting the hubby to take pictures :)


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx