Saturday, November 06, 2010

this saturday i'm grateful for... vibrant colours in my garden

Saturdays are the days where our household comes to a grinding halt. (Except sleeping and eating, perhaps). And because it's the last day of the week, I often reflect on the six past days and remember all the things I'm grateful for...
  1. Lavender. Irises. Roses. And now our vegies are starting to come up. Our gardens look beeeaauutiful. Now warm weather, whenever you're ready...
  2. Mrs Formenti's banana cake. It reminds me of great memories, plus it's delicious.
  3. Normal life. Now that renovating is over this month, we can relax for a bit. Before it starts all over again. Next month.
  4. I love that things still surprise me. Last week a friend of mine had her baby. No, make that two. She ended up having twins (amazing photographs of the babies here). No-one knew, not the midwife, not even my friend. It blew so many of us away, I still can't stop thinking about it.
This Saturday I'm Grateful For... is inspired by Maxabella Loves... Join in. Maxabella would want me to invite you. It's good for the soul to be grateful.


  1. Wow! I can't believe she had unexpected twins. It's magic that that can happen in this day and age. She must be... overwhelmed!! But what a blessing.

    Lavender is one of my favourite fragrances and flowers. Can't get enough.

    And, cheers to normal life. You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone. x

  2. As a Mum of twins I am staggered that no-one knew she was having two babies! That would be such a shock. Send my love to your friend - it is pretty tough in the beginning, but ever so delightful too :)

  3. no way! how on earth is it possible that they did not know they were having twins. What a delight though - twins are hard work but also so special and a real blessing to a family. I love your list today :)

  4. Oh my God, I can't imagine having a surprise 2nd baby !! what a gift


  5. Oh wow! I remember that happening to a patient of my dad's many years ago. She'd refused to see a dr throughout the pregnancy and the midwife had cared for her. At 37 weeks the midwife insisted she see a dr for a final check up which turned out to be my dad. He picked up on the 2 heartbeats and I'll never forget her and her husband's stunned faces as they left the surgery. At least she had some warning!

  6. Wow, what a list!

    I've just scooted over to look at the photos of the twins and they are just gorgeous....what a shock everyone must have been in, I can't even begin to imagine the mad scramble there would have been to alter the nursery, change prams etc.

    Here's to a fabulous weekend, enjoying the blossoms and perhaps a little home baking,

  7. What a lovely list of things to be grateful for. What a big surprise to get two babies when you are only expecting one!

  8. As a Mum of twins also I am very surprised that no-one knew she was carrying two bubs! Though my friend's, who is a twin, mum got the same surprise albeit 44yrs ago.
    What a beautiful surprise. Twins are awesome and it isn't so bad once you get your head around it.
    I loved your post.

  9. She didn't know she was having twins -- wow!!

  10. TWINS! omg how exciting!!!
    and banana bread/cake yum!!
    hope you have a great weekend hun

  11. Hi everyone, thank you for your lovely comments. I just came home from holding the babies! Such a beautiful gift to have twins and they are so perfect in every way. My friend Kate had a natural home birth and the midwife only ever could find one heartbeat. They even looked for twins as she was much bigger this time around (but now big enough to think she had two in there!) No ultrasound as the midwife was so certain she was only having one. Isn't that amazing? And to have them at home with no complications. And yes, it put them in a spin. They already have two girls - 5 and 3. So, a new car is on the search, and she has them both in bed with her. That saves the need for another cradle.

    Thought it was worth sharing to you all!

  12. They are simple adorable aren't they! I love hearing the story!

    Matilda & I made the banana cake yesterday and it is delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    Enjoy your beautiful garden xx

  13. If I didn't get hayfever spring would be wonderful with all the pretty flowers. Charmaine

  14. Kym!

    1. Love Lavender, Iris', Roses - wish they were in my garden.

    2. I love cake, will need to give this one a try.

    3. Amen to normal life. Amen to routine. Amen to familiarity.

    4. Amen to those GORGEOUS bubbies! My goodness... the mother and the medical professionals had no idea? I think that could quite possibly be the most fantastic suprise from Heaven.


  15. Call me masochitic, but one of my secret fantasies is to give birth to surprise twins! What an incredible, overwhelming, magnificent, terrifying thing! A wonderful thing to be grateful for. Oh, and did I say it was a secret fantasy? Oops!

  16. Oh Bec, the twins ARE from heaven. Home birth. Natural delivery at 39 weeks. Can I tell you this just doesn't happen anymore!

    Nadine, your secret fantasy is my worst nightmare. Twins are in my family and every time I was pregnant my husband and I crossed our fingers and hoped and prayed there was only one heartbeat!


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx