Sunday, November 07, 2010


Kids say the cutest and funniest things. And so this month at a day in the life of us,
what he said will be shared each day.

[At the festival face painting stall]

"I'd like to be a yellow lion. But green."

And because today was so much fun, here's some more pictures of the Festival, which was so close to our home we walked there.
I realised today that our 4 year old is becoming more and more daring. The moment we arrived, he wanted to try everything. Hoolahoops. Bungee Jumping. Mini Golf. Diving. The Giant Slide. Jumping Castle.
He loved the Bungee so much he was doing backflips in no time (see video below) and even had a chance to get a bird's eye view of the next thing he wanted to do (dodgem cars - he was too small to go on them). What is it with kids that they're in the middle of doing something really, really cool, but are looking for the next thing? Anyhow, he's very adventurous. He tried everything he was allowed to go on (just about everything was free - thank you Local Council) and was fearless. Needless to say he had such a great time, he didn't want to go.

As for the 17 month old, it's already obvious he's Evil Kinevil in a not-very-good disguise. I'm not gonna lie to you: he's really going to be a worry.


The rain held off until just now (perfect timing as the Festival has just finished), but it was a perfect day to stroll around the stalls, eat hot dogs (the boys), corn on a stick (darling hubby) and roti and curry (me). The boys finished their meal with churros (spanish donuts) and ice cream cones. That's what festivals are for, aren't they? Junk food to be enjoyed as a very, very special sometimes treat.

The best bit was that Madison remembered the Festival from last year and has been excited all week. So I suspect that today will also be filed under "Good Memories".
For us too.

Madison wears: TSHIRT, Milkshake. CARGO ROLL UP PANTS, Milkshake. BASEBALL CAP, Mambo (pre-loved by Leah & Daisy). THONGS, Target. Noah wears: TSHIRT, Target (pre-loved by Madison). DENIM SHORTS, Target (pre-loved by Lucas).

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  1. Oh bum... we went riding through the set up after church on Saturday and planned to go back yesterday to check it out and totally forgot about it! Doh! Looks like you had a fabulous time!


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