Sunday, July 28, 2013


There have been a few requests to see the 'real me'. You know, the one that everyone sees when they come and visit us at Port Fairy. Friends like Ineka (pictured above) who looks as fresh as a daisy - while living on a bus and travelling around Australia with her husband and four children. Yet, I don't sort of have that same 'away from home' glow.

And while you usually see the dressed up version here at Fancy Pants, this is what I look like six days a week. That's because moving rubble, shoveling rubbish, cleaning up debris, sanding and painting is awfully glamorous work ;)

And for those of you who have visited us at Port Fairy, yes, this look is very familiar.

And this is the other version of me: The Runner on the beach. Feeling fabulous, but not quite co-ordinated. And looking equally as dressed up as the Renovator, yes?

This week I was over at Kate Says Stuff. She wrote an article about the Invisible Woman which really resonated with me. I think I'm there, and quite chuffed about it. Doing my daggy thing, and nobody noticing. Quite empowering, don't you think?

There you have it. The renovator-slash-runner edition of Fancy Pants. We keep it real here.

What do you look like most of the week?

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