Thursday, July 11, 2013


This door has been my project for two days now. And while I scrape and sand away at its layers, I wonder. Where has it lived? What homes has it been part of? What sort of 'life' has it had?

If it could talk, what would it say? Would it share the lives of the families that have lived in those homes? Would it count how many loving embraces of welcome received under its frame? Would it reveal the many times it had been slammed in anger or frustration, or how many people knocked on its glorious stain glass windows, or rapped on its sturdy timber?

And now that I am removing the layers, would it rather that I expose it's old timber, paint and plaster, or prefer that I cover it up with a fresh new coat? Would it like all its holes exposed for all to see, or glued up and hidden?

In it's raw state, it's so beautiful. It's a sight to behold. What is revealed today, will be gone tomorrow. Not forever. Just until the next time...

With new stories to tell.

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