Sunday, July 14, 2013


Half price day at the local op shop had me buying this wrap dress for just $4. While I'm not a big fan of prints, I was with a friend who had yet to have a successful op shop trip, and I wanted her to try new things. Best I set the right example, right? Turns out I love this 70s vibe. (And why didn't I know how flattering wrap dresses were until now?)

Have you ever tried wearing something you've never tried before? Were you surprised to find that it suited you?

WRAP DRESS, Thrifted.
SINGLET, Giordano.
PONTE PANTS, Witchery.
HEELS, Zu Shoes.
NECKLACE, Just Jeans.
RING, Diva.
BAG, Jag.

a day in the life of us

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