Tuesday, July 09, 2013


Goodbye work. Goodbye suburbs and busy traffic.

From the cold winter in Melbourne (where everything is so green!), back to the sounds of crashing waves at Port Fairy. The rest of our long service leave will be spent completing the renovation to the the beach cottage, and begin the extension. The original cottage is almost finished (photos coming real soon!), and we are ready to knock down the old kitchen, bathroom, toilet and laundry (which are literally crumbling around us anyway). The hot water system has long gone, there are leaks and drafts everywhere. We are currently boiling water and finding out where we can er, use the bathroom, and have made a deal with our closest caravan park.

We will be doing it tough for the next seven weeks or so, but know the reward will be worth it in the end!

| Scooting in unison; overgrown and healthy thanks to all the rain we've been having; enjoying the late afternoon sun while we unpack our trailer (see all those lovely goodies in the background?); Saturday afternoon walks around our Melbourne home; when they're not fighting they're the best of friends; the best part about the last part of renovating is loaning all those home magazines from the library and dreaming about how to furnish the new space; my darling husband right back into it; toy catalogues are the best entertainment ever! |

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