Sunday, July 07, 2013


Vintage shops are the best. Yes, they are. This striped denim jacket with 3/4 sleeves was just $15. We're not a big fan of a special label, but this jacket has it.

The vintage store is located next to my husband's favourite second hand bookshop. (Which deserves its own post.) He had a set of books on hold and really wanted them immediately. So we went together, and I popped in next door after getting a little lost in his bookshop*.

I digress... the vintage store was divine, and it was hard to walk out with just this jacket and a cute little blouse (also very cheap $$). I was in love with some little dishes, some LPs and a few other bits. But as my husband lovingly puts it, my kitchen is full. In fact, both kitchens are. So really, this jacket ought to be getting out and about to make up for the other purchases.

I'm now wearing in far too regularly. I mean, it needs to be washed, right?

Have you ever seen a bookshop so full that there are piles of books everywhere? (Really, this shop has to be seen to be believed!) Have you visited any vintage stores and found lots of lovely treasures?

SINGLET, Giordano.
GRANDPA TEE,  JeansWest.
CARGOS, JayJays.

*I know technically it's not his bookshop. But he is a regular customer, and he calls it his. Nothing like a bit of ownership?

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