Friday, July 26, 2013


In light of the fact that my youngest child goes to 4-year old kinder in just over six months, I'm realising that time with him has a big fat due date on it. I'm making the most of this time, and want to stop and smell the coffee, so to speak.

In this case, it wasn't coffee, it was salted caramel hot chocolate. A bar of aerated chocolate in a warm frothy milky cup. To. Die. For.

And a honey cake topped with a meringue. Now, Noah is a die hard fan of The Wiggles, so honey cake was the only choice, despite there being chocolate cake in a cone, sticky date pudding, flourless orange cake, brownies, and a Rhubarb Jam and Meringue Mess (in a glass - oh my!). And while devouring the divine sweet cake, we did sing Munchy Crunchy Honey Cakes. It only seemed appropriate.

This sort of Lad Date - as I like to call them - never last for long. As soon as the food is finished, Noah is ready to move - run off all that energy. Here, he could explore the boundaries of the Basalt Vineyard, play in the cafe sandpit, or sit on the mushroom stools and table made especially kids' size. While he was exploring the outdoors, I was able to browse the home-made preserves, sweets and cute aprons, tea towels and crockery.

This is the second time that we've been to The Pantry Door at Basalt. The first time was with Alli and her son Mitchell who holidayed with us in Port Fairy during the school holidays. I've been driving past the place for months now, always planning to go in. And with friends, we finally did it.

I'm so glad. This is a place worth visiting again. And again.

WE VISITED The Pantry Door at Basalt | 1131 Princes Highway, Killarney Vic 3283 | (03) 5568 7442

NOAH WEARS LONG SLEEVED TEE, c/o Cotton On Kids. TEE, Target. BEANIE, Gibson (birthday gift, thanks Kelly + Mason!). GLOVES, Red Dog by Avene!

Do you have dates with your kids? If so, where do you go? Thanks for stopping by and having a virtual salted caramel hot chocolate with us!

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