Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Since the beginning of the year, I've been on the most amazing journey. It started on Christmas day, when my family gave me a Canon DSLR camera. It was the most special gift because six years ago, our home was broken into, and mine (a Canon film SLR) was stolen. We've never had the money to purchase another one.

It happened when my step-daughter Kelly upgraded her camera (she does a little photography on the side), and I inherited her pre-loved one. And since then my 'new' camera has hardly left my side. (You can imagine my family's deeeelight!) I've been experimenting with new angles, using the rule of thirds, changing lenses, reading tutorials, trying new actions, taking photographs in RAW (a whole new level of photography!), and photo editing.

Last year I did a couple of Adobe courses for work (I design resources for a living), and the Photoshop course reminded me of all the exciting things I could do. Sometimes at work I get into the same old grind and stick to non-Photoshop programs. This year, I decided to get out of the rut, play more with photo editing, and the camera has been the best thing to help this process.

While I confess I'm no professional photographer, I know that I'm getting better. It's so exciting to be taking this route, and see where it takes me. Thanks for letting me share this journey here.

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