Friday, June 17, 2011

a day in the life of June

So, after looking at my schedule this week, there have been some things that I'm not proud of. There have been lots of late nights, and less planning of each day the previous night before.

I usually plan, but confess that the moving around of the study/TV room has thrown my systems into disarray. It made me behind in the washing and ironing (usually Sunday jobs) and then because I was still tweaking things during the week, it gave me less planning time at nights. Can you tell that each day everything is squeezed in, and there's not much room to play with?

The most noticeable thing: this week's grocery bill. I usually plan my week's meals, go through my pantry and write out a shopping list. But this week I didn't. And thank you very much $220 grocery bill (usually $150). Yikes! Well, I guess the pantry is well stocked for those 'just in case' meals, and perhaps if I plan well enough next week, perhaps I can do my weekly shop for less than $100 to make up for it.

Do you plan your meals and make a shopping list? Is there a weekly grocery budget you try to stick to?

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  1. Cute outfit! I have Aussie Farmers Direct deliver a surprise box of fruit and veg each Friday afternoon, so I plan meals around that. I am more of a Parisian with the shopping, stopping in at the shops every other day to collect bits. AFD also deliver all my bread, dairy, eggs, bacon and meat for the week in two separate deliveries so the basics come to me.

  2. I love your pants.
    I really like all these post your doing for June.

  3. Wow I'm impressed. I used to budget $300 a week, I've now reduced the budget to $250.
    I've bought the new Aldi Cookbook, and the woman who wrote that says she does her weekly shopping for $200 a week and feeds 3 kids. That's my target, might take me a little to adjust, but I'll try. Good work. Thanks for the motivation.

  4. ooh this is my little bad habit too - I kind of write a list, but then when i get to the shops i wing it a little too! But I tend to stick to around $200 a week, although that includes all meals and hubby comes home for lunch too. If I can stretch it out for ten days between shops then I'm happy and I love getting creative and making something out of very little!

    ps - don't be hard on yourself, your schedules have been jam packed! You are such a trooper!

  5. I have really been trying to cut back my grocery bills. The last month I have had a budget and I have been religiously meal planning and pantry cooking and it has made a real difference! Love your outfit (again). The thing I have taken from looking at your schedules (strangely compelling reading for me!) is that you are a super motivated person! x

  6. I don't know that I could live your life being on such a jam packed schedule, but I guess that's where diversity is such a great thing..we're all different. I usually shop Tues or Wed and then again on Saturday..for 4 adults I usually spend around $150 to $200 which at $50.00 each including cleaning stuff etc is pretty good.

  7. Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job. I try to plan meals but it doesn't always happen. I am also appalling at budgeting but am an excellent surprise chef with leftovers so we don't waste much food! xx

  8. I've been reading your June posts, and I agree with MM, they are strangely compelling. But not always comment worthy. I do however love those shoes, and I love that you're trying to reel everything in to make time to look after yourself. x

  9. How funny! (or not so funny) that 2 of your downfalls this week are also mine. Staying up to late, the first one... HELLO, still awake at almost 1am! and the grocery bill... man I got a shock when the checkout lady said "$259.00"! I NEVER usually spend that much, I felt a bit guilty for the rest of the day. At least there were a few items I won't need to replenish for a while. There would want to be!
    Love your beads AND shoes :o) xo


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