Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a day in the life of June

There's nothing fancy about Sundays at our place. Usually it is spent in the garden with my hubby while the kids play in the sandpit or their cubby, or they go around the paths on their bikes or scooters.

But this weekend was spent fixing things! Mainly the telephone splitter/filter which affects our wireless modem. Our internet has been most unstable for several months now, but now it's been more offline than online in the past five or so weeks. It's been driving my family nuts (and me especially)!

Uploading files, and visiting other websites should have been quick jobs. But not with our dodgy splitter/filter it was taking more 30 minutes or so. Visiting my favourite blogs was just something I gave up on. So a million apologies for not visiting much lately. I really did have a good reason.

So, after the gym on Sunday, I headed to my local JB Hi-Fi for a power board/splitter/filter for the phone and went all out when I arrived home. The study space was completely re-arranged. There was swapped shelving, moved books, culled books... it took me all afternoon and well into the night. There have been some teething problems with the modem (which I hope is now fixed - fingers crossed!), but I think I'm most happy with my new work space. Like now I get to look out a window into our fruit trees, and my desk space is so bright. Also, I made it all left-handed which works better for me.

At 11pm, I was looking at all my hard work, and tweaking a few things. I was so proud of my efforts. My hubby even came and gave me a cuddle all the while saying, "Well, that was an almighty job". He was right. But now the space works so much better, and I'm now enjoying sitting at my desk a whole lot more!

Oh, and I went so hard I actually wore a singlet most of the day, unshowered with my hair tied back. I sure was sight to behold. And that lump on my waist? My pedometer!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. now you're talking your talking my language! gym gear - excellent!!

  2. Ok, just to show I am paying attention, is your gym next door? Half an hour for morning tea and a gym session? Hmmmm much of a workout? lol

  3. Also, I love rearranging rooms!!! My Dad was in the Army so I am convinced that I need to continually renovate and redecorate to keep my sanity. It is better than relocating every 12 months!

  4. Oh Vanessa, you're so observant. I actually made morning tea and then raced out the door. I did make a mistake there - I finished at the gym around 11.30am (and yes, it is around the corner) and then headed to the shops for my new splitter/filter!

    I moved every 3 or so years as a child and this is the longest I've lived anywhere. Sad, but true! And so yes, I think re-arranging the furniture has a bit to do with that!


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