Friday, June 03, 2011


It probably seems to be a melancholy post, but it shares how I've been feeling lately. And even what I'm grateful for...
  1. Tears. There's been lots of them. Sad tears, angry tears, frustrated tears and tired tears. I admit to not being a big cryer. But every now and then it's good to get it all out. It's refreshing. Just like summer rain.
  2. Sleep. It seems I can't get enough of it lately. Perhaps it's all that crying. And it's so good to curl up in the comfort of a soft bed, warm doona and a big pillow to just breathe until you fall into a deep, deep sleep.
  3. Space. While I'm not a big fan of my husband's frequent travel itinerary, I must say that I do enjoy my own company and love having evenings to myself. Time to read a book, or just sit in a bubble bath for hours.
What are you grateful for?


  1. 3 wonderful things to be grateful for. The grateful linky is so therapeutic isn't it? I am grateful for all three of those things also. Although my husbands work hours for the last couple of years were horrendous and were the source of many a tear, this year the hours are much better and less tears but I am missing the space in the evenings to do what I want. He's out tonight and I'm loving having the computer all to myself to catch up on some blogging.

  2. Maybe it's the stars? I've been having similar dramas.
    It's good to have a big cry when you need to. And never apologise for a 'melancholy' post. Paulo Coehlo says "Tears are words waiting to be written". Sometimes in writing about it, you free yourself from the sadness.
    Wishing you a sunny, sleepy, hot tea and buttered toast kind of weekend. xx

  3. Sometimes there really is nothing better than having a big cry and letting it all out. I hope you're OK. And crying is EXHAUSTING, no wonder you're grateful for sleep! Your description of the bed, doona, pillow etc just made me feel sleepy as I read your post.

    Have a lovely weekend x

  4. Definitely glad for all those things! This weekend am also getting some lovely time to myself and some extra sleep, courtesy of days off and hubby being away.
    Hope all that crying has been helping and that whatever is bringing them on eases off soon xx

  5. I hope that there is the comfort of many warm hugs, some great music to lift the spirits and perhaps when the sun breaks through a shoulder shaking laugh or two - these things and more I wish for you.

    xx Felicity

  6. Visiting over from Maxabella Loves.
    Such wonderful things to be grateful for. I do hope, however that any sad or angry tears are shed and over with.
    It's funny how once you're in a long term relationship it can shift from never leaving one anothers side, to actually craving and enjoying that solo time. Time where you can just be.

  7. I can sooo relate to appreciating my own space. My husband comes from work at 10-10.30 pm and wants to talk! It is a real effort. By that time I am all talked out and all I want is to be left alone!

  8. What a beautiful image that is. I love it. Peaceful peaceful peace to you xxxx

  9. Having a good cry is very therapeutic! I indulge myself in a good tear session quite a bit :)
    Clears the cobwebs!

    New follower popping over from Maxabella's link up :)
    Kellie x

  10. sweetheart I am so very sorry for your loss. It's a horrible pain. Tears are very good xxxxx Sending you tonnes of love at this hard time. S x

  11. I love that you have found things to be grateful for in experiences that could be seen as not "good" things. Your husband going away becomes some time for space and your tears become therapy. Very inspiring Kymmie! Thank you

    Gill xo

  12. Sometimes a good cry is a necessity. Although, I do hope for less tears this week for you.

    As for husbands going Hubby was away for 2 weeks recently, and admittedly - I rather enjoyed myself! (But don't tell him that. ;) )

  13. Oh Kymmie, I can totally see how you could be grateful for all of those things. Crying does have a cleansing quality, it releases so much pent up tension. You poor love though :o(
    Sleep is just pure gold. I too love it... and don't get enough!
    And it's funny, as much as I love having hubby around and feel a little sad at the thought when he's out or away... I DO enjoy my time with just the boys and I... or once they're in bed, just I ;o)
    Absolutely gorgeous photo too... beautiful all 3 xo

  14. I am a a self-confessed cry baby. Tears, copious's always good, for whatever reason.

  15. my husband has a committee meeting once a month, it's my favourite evening. This month he is going away for a conference for a whole week. Can't wait. Is that really bad?

  16. I've seen this great saying around pinterest stating: the cure for everything is salty water: tears, sweat or the sea.
    it just seems so true! :o)

  17. Oh Kymmie - what a week babe! So glad you're taking some time to reflect on how well you doing in amongst it's a tough slog when they are so little and feisty :-)
    keep that smile on!

  18. That is how I cope, a big cry.

    Hugs to you


  19. Sometimes we all need a good cry. Hope it helped and there is less this week.

    Just quietly... I love when Hubby is away... a bit of space and my own company is bliss.


  20. Tears are definately refreshing and it is good to get it all out so you start over. I think a date should be set each month for a good cry fest!

  21. Oh no - sounds like some week :-( My Nana always told me that there's nothing more therapeutic than having a good old cry in the shower or bath.

    I'm a cryer too - sometimes I'll cry several times in a day, not for any noteworthy reason - just because.

    Hopefully the me time, space and crying make next week a better one xx

  22. I am sure you will come out of the month completely refreshed and re-energised. We all need to have a good cry and some 'me' time along the way. xx

  23. Gotta love a good cry, and a long, hot bubble bath to boot!

  24. What a lovely photograph, so real.
    I hope your having a good weekend with no tears and plenty of rest ;)

  25. There's nothing like a good cry (although I'm sorry you have so much to be teary over lately x). Crying is SOOOO exhausting though, so I'm glad you are getting lots of sleeps in. Be kind to yourself. x


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx