Monday, June 20, 2011

a day in the life of June

Don't you dislike immensely those days when you have a dinner date (in my case, my in-laws) and you're all set to go - on time - except when you attempt to shut down your laptop, there are a bunch of software updates?

"Do not shut down your computer", it tells you.

So, you don't. And then you wait faithfully for 30 minutes or so for your computer to reach the seventh update. Out of seventeen.

You've already decided that there's time to take your daily style picture at the office (mostly because the lighting is far better there than at your place, and mostly because you're the last one in the building), and you've done absolutely everything before you realise this computer update is going to take a little while longer.

The clock was ticking. So, guess what I did? I left my laptop updating, had dinner (45 minutes late thank you very much - my in-laws are sooo patient!), brought the kids back to the office, picked up my laptop, then headed home.

The things you do... because I literally cannot live without my laptop.

There. That's an admission. And, if you know me, I never tell a lie about my love for technology.

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  1. Ah, lovely pic! Very nice outfit.
    What a pain in the proverbial those software updates are. You poor thing having to venture back into work. I can understand you relying on your laptop. I seriously LOVE mine. I dread the day when it breaks down. I haven't coped well when it's happened in the past :o/

  2. Frustrating! Love your outfit.

  3. ooh I love that outfit! Similar to what I wear to work most days, but with a little bit of flair that I might have to try - sometimes I'm too 'straight' for my own good. ;)

    I'm so glad I don't have a laptop for work - I would never turn it off! Its sometimes hard enough getting away of an afternoon to pick up the kids, let alone if I had to wait for updates! Our scheduled updates will install during the day in the background too, so we sometimes get prompted to restart to apply the updates, but at least we don't have that massive download at the end of the day!

  4. Hi Kymmie..I really like the long line of that outfit..very flattering figurewise. I am tired when I turn my computer off at night and the last thing I feel like is waiting for the updates to load and then to go back and have to turn off all the 'reds'. I think I may update at dinner time then just turn it back on after dinner again and not update at bedtime!

  5. Kym, I LOVE the office photo!!!

    It's totally hot. Xo

  6. Love the outfit, it's a style I would wear everyday! Nothing too frou frou, but classic and sleek... you look great in it!!


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