Wednesday, June 22, 2011

a day in the life of June

Hop to it, it's been a busy day! Gym, flat tyre (I changed it in the freezing cold!), pack lunches, race to the pool...

But one of my favourite things on Tuesdays is the chance to play with my boys in before, during and after their swimming classes. There, we can forget about the troubles at home (ie. the housework, the mess, the office work), and just be. Of course, my least favourite thing is getting out of the pool.

It's freezing!

And then there's two hungry boys who can't seem to keep it together while we're having a shower and getting dry. The most common things said during this time is:

"MUUUM, why do you dry Noah first?"

"MUUUM, why do I have to dress myself?"

"MUUUM, I don't want to put my shoes on."

"MUUUM, Why can't I eat my lunch now?"

"OWWCH, my head hurts when you rub it with a towel."

"MUUUM, I'm cold because you're dripping water all over me."

Seriously... I say the same things every time: the toddler is dressed first because he's the naughtiest, and also quickest to dress, then I can lock him in the pram where he can't go anywhere. We all have to get dressed because it's FREEZING outside (didn't you notice on the way to the bathroom?), plus you're five - a big boy now - you don't need Mum to dress you (but she usually does). We all have to get dressed before we eat our packed lunch, because otherwise nothing will get done. Well, I can't do anything about how soft your head is, plus I'm being as gentle with the towel as I can.

And finally, you think you're cold? I'm dressing both of you dripping wet and naked before I dress myself. I'm literally chattering my teeth while you winge away.

Kids. Who'd have 'em?

Me, of course.

Especially the bit where I get to go swimming with them.


  1. Hello there!!! Love your previous looks. Amazing. The conservative gray sweater vest and the choker are such a contradiction - I love it. What a great twist on conservative attire and/or office wear.

  2. Oh Lordy! Getting out of the pool is winter is KILLER. My girls seem to go into instant hypothermia and cannot move or dress themselve - can't do anything but complain about the cold. As if I can change that!!
    Just found your blog and I love your style and your attitude :)

  3. You look so darn hot, even in your gym gear :)

    Our summers in NZ were about winters temp here and we lived in the water but I couldn't even contemplate swimming at this time of the year anymore...hats off to you Kym.


  4. This post brought back so many memories of swimming lessons with a toddler and little person! I perservered with winter lessons and hated it! Both girls are competent swimmers and we stopped lessons when the reached squad level.
    Now we have a pool and my toddler is a fish! We haven't had swimming sessions but was considering it for winter in our local indoor pool (not one I lived near before) just as an activity we can enjoy together.
    Don't you love the constant negotiation with kids!

  5. Sounds like you need to pack yourself a nice big sheet towel or a dressing gown to wrap around yourself while you dry the littlies. You're gonna get sick!!

  6. Lookinjg great in that gym gear! I never look that good in mine! (Actually I haven't been to the gym for ages!) I have to say my wardrobe posts are a direct inspiration from your June posts - go you, you inspired me! Oh and when I swim with my boys I wrap them in a hoodie towel so their arsm are free and then give them free reign over their lunchboxes and dress myself first. I know a woman who had to run topless out of a changing room after her toddler - not taking that risk!!!!

  7. same same, this is why now that the older two are in the pool all on their own, I'm reluctant to start parent/baby class with my little one.
    The swim teacher keeps harassing me wanting to know when she's going to get to cuddle my little man. I've told her in strict confidence, 'don't talk to me about it till summer'.

  8. Haha, I LOVE this Kymmie. Are boys all cut from the same mold, or what??? So many questions, so little time ;o)
    You are awesome! You changed a tyre all by yourself, WOW! That is something I've never attempted, because I think I'd totally stuff the car if I tried :o/
    Looking hot Mama in this gym gear.... Owwww! xo

  9. ohhh kymmie i remember these days when i used to brave the elements and take my kids swimming. my routine was exactly like yours!! get the little one sorted and strapped up, then the big one, leaving yourself to last - ahhh the joys of motherhood - isn't that always the way - we are the last on the list! But i love how you still have a smile on your gorgeous face!!!


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx