Sunday, June 26, 2011

a day in the life of June

Is there anything better than feeling all relaxed and getting cuddles from your most favourite people in the whole wide world?

Perhaps it's been a new realisation, or since having kids, but I have to be in the mood.

You know: all rested, relaxed, and not with a care in the world to fully appreciate a cuddle or looking at your child in the best light. I'm not saying I don't appreciate it when I'm not all relaxed. I just enjoy it so much more.

That was my yesterday. The boys slept (well, one did anyway), but by the time I had my nanna nap, the one who was lying quietly in my bedroom was ready for a cuddle. And lots of cuddles we had.

It was awesome. And I got to adore that beautiful skin, those long eyelashes and pools of dark brown chocolate that is his eyes, and that oh so yummy smile. Those giggles, yes, those giggles.

And then the toddler woke up. It was double the fun.

Do you need to be in a particular mood to enjoy your children, or do you appreciate every cuddly moment?

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  1. love it Kym! Yep, I love them cuddles too, and sometimes I probably don't appreicate the simplicity of the meaning as much as i should. My eldest is cuddle galores whilst my little one is a little stingy, so when i get one from her, I soak it up big time! hope you had a fab weekend gorgeous one. Loving that necklace and you and your son look so cute xx

  2. Gorgeous photo, you both look lovely! I love the cuddles and the kisses... oh the kisses... my Mr3 gives the softest, sweetest kisses... then sometimes spoils it by licking my cheek! Ewww, why do boys have to be so gross at times ;o)
    Glad you enjoyed your cuddles this weekend Kymmie xo

  3. Cuddles are good; no, they're necessary for life as a parent. I've particularly appreciated the ones I've been getting from my 12 year old lately as we spend our days navigating a new city in a new country and look for tiny chinks of joy to make us smile and realise that yes, we're making tiny steps of progress... I swear she's been more of a comfort to me than I've been to her.

  4. I do love the cuddles - I wish my two little guys would stay still long enough to cuddle! It's hard in the midst of busy days to take the time to enjoy the moment. Sometimes I'm good at it; sometimes not.

  5. Oh I definitely have to be in the mood. Hugs are great all the time but when your mind is on other things you don't have time to appreciate them. A relaxed frame of mind is essential for optimum cuddle appreciation :)

  6. Love that outfit Kym!

    And yes, I find that if I'm relaxed, I'm more inclined to be ready for cuddles. If I'm in a rush or the kids have been frustrating me, then I'm less inclined. I'm always prepared to give cuddles, and I love that both of my kids do enjoy cuddles, but there are times when we're all just more receptive for cuddles. :)

  7. Ooh I love that outfit Kym, gorgeous.

    Yes I too love the kisses and cuddles but do enjoy them so much more when I am relaxed. Our little one has learnt to pucker up and it's so adorable....they give the best kisses and cuddles at that age :)



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