Wednesday, June 29, 2011

a day in the life of June

So... I have a confession.

I'm not one of those girls who has a walk-in wardrobe. I have just one double door. I don't own more than 20 pairs of shoes (surprised?), and I accessorise. And accessorise.

We've almost come to the end of a month, I have to say that I'm almost out of options. You've pretty much seen everything in my wardrobe.


But I'm saving some for when I go back to the usual program here at a day in the life of us. You know, when we get all interactive and Fancy Pants again. And if I ever do a run of these style thingies, I'm inspired to go harder for shorter. You know, one piece of clothing worn seven days in a row completely differently. I was thinking "7 days, 7 ways".

But a month? Phew. This was harder work than anyone gives credit for. How do these style blogs do it?

Seriously. They make it seem so effortless. And they must have a huuuuge wardrobe. Or a huge budget. Or they shop at only opshops. Or they sew. Or they swap. Or they own their very own clothing line.

Quite unlike me on all accounts.

But it's been fun. And I only have two more days to go.

If you did this every day for a month, do you think you could make your outfits look different each day? How do you think you would go?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love the hat, and the flared jeans - I adore my flared jeans!

    I would have run out of clothes weeks ago!

  2. I'm like you, small wardrobe, small amount of shoes.... I have enough clothes but tend to wear the same crap over and over. I hate when you have to pack for a holiday and you find yourself wearing that other stuff, leading up to the getaway, so you can pack the stuff you really want. Arrh to have so many clothes this need not be a worry. lol.

  3. I think you've done awesomely well! I have a small wardrobe here while we are away - and it's frustrating!! and even then, at home, I have favourites or go through phases. I LOVE accessorizing though. Cheap and effective!

  4. Given that I can't fit into half my clothes and only have 4 outfits that I can actually wear I would bore the pants of you doing a series like this...though I do like the idea of 7 days, 7 ways :)

    Another great look.


  5. I've been loving your June wardrobe posts and i think i'm going to miss them! You've done so well, both with such an array of lovely outfits and your committment. I struggle sometimes just to do a fancy pants once a week! Eek, imagine if I had to do more! And I'm like you - small tiny wardrobe, a few fav shoes, but i tend to buy key peices and treat them very very well (as much as I hate handwashing!!). I too was thinking of doing variations of fashion posts. like how to wear a LBD different ways, or dressing the same thing up or down! many options!! And you are looking so fine - i love the hat! xx

  6. Completely agree! One month is insane. I think '7 days 7 ways' is genius.

  7. Holy moly - bad typing, sorry. Should have said 'one month is insane' .. maybe I am insane!! Hahaha!

  8. Oh well done Kymmie! I have thoroughly enjoyed this month of outfits from your wardrobe. I think you've done a magnificent job of coordinating, accessorising AND modelling... it does help that everything you wear looks great on! :o)
    I think you have some serious potential with that 7 days 7 ways idea. You could set the challenge for your readers.
    I have alot of clothes, but I seem to only wear a handful of standard outfits regularly and storage is a big problem in our house, so I end up forgetting about things because they're trapped under a mountain of other things!

  9. You've done brilliantly - I'm still making do with what I could fit into my 23kgs worth of luggage. Very plain, very serviceable, very.... drab.

    Money is tight though, so maybe accessorising is the way to go .... you've inspired me!

  10. You have done brilliantly!Twenty pairs of shoes? I have ten, must fix that. I only buy a few pieces each season and wear them to death in different combos. My rule for the past two years has also to give on item to charity for every item bought. Keeps clutter down and makes me constantly reassess my wardrobe (and everyone elses).

  11. You're so clever! No way could I have done this! I am kicking off "My July" tomorrow where I spend some time focusing on me and I think a wardrobe shakedown will definitely be on the cards.

  12. June is nearly done... can't wait tos see what you donned yesterday for your big finale! (Yeah, I know... it's meant to be 'just what I wear', but I would be very tempted!!) x


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