Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a day in the life of June

So, I was thinking about my schedule and wondering how much I should put in there. Because it's not really complete.

You know, I don't really include toilet stops, conversations, phone calls (personal or work), and I don't include the amount of times I'm up to children during the night. I round the times to the closest quarter hour and I don't include the times I have a quick game of Words With Friends.

Once upon a time, long ago (BC - before children), I use to be able to talk to friends for hours on the phone. After all, my evenings were a bit more free than they are now. When I visited friends, we could hang out all afternoon.

Then I had kids.

Phone calls to friends only happen when I'm in the car (bluetooth is my best friend), and I take/make work calls while I'm making dinner. That multi-tasking skill sure is maximised around here, that's for sure. Catch ups with friends are limited to how long the children behave (then it's time to get out of there!) and if I'm using the toilet, I check my mobile phone for messages. After all, it's usually when I have a moment to myself. Well, sometimes anyway. Most of the time the kids are under my feet.

Actually, they literally are under my feet right now. Under my desk playing a game, in fact.

If you recorded every single thing in your day, how would it look?

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  1. It would look just as packed - minus all the kiddo stuff. I am not sure how I will ever fit a child into my buy days, but I am sure when the time comes, I will firgure it out!

  2. My day would certainly be packed to the tires me just thinking about all that I achieve in a single there are always things I don't manage to complete.

    This series has really made me take stock of all that I do as a busy homeschooling mum of five and wife, let alone the ME in amongst all those other duties.


  3. Gosh I hate to think, way too much time spent cleaning and driving and on the computer I think.Would be an interesting exercise. PS I jumped back throughsome of your older postes with the little doodads at the bottom of the posts and saw the one about your laptop and photos stolen firstly oh so sorry that sucks and I wonder if you ever did get them back on a disk that would have been nice too as well as all the friends photos. I am always amazed at seeing photos of me/my kids in other friends and families albums that I have never seen before kinda cool
    and b) I was born in Nanorg Hospital Croydon 40 years ago and lived in nearby Kilsyth until Prep then went to PNG also age 7- 9 then back to Kilsyth primary before moving to M'ton Peninsula (and now Qld). My Nanna still lives in Kilsyth. Chilly there at th emoment bbbrrrrrrrrrrrr

  4. you know i think you are in my head today - I was thinking this exact same thing!!! I wrote myself a little list of the things that had to get done, and then some, and realised that I achieved a heap of things - if I wrote it all down, what would it look like!!! But i must confess, i'm loving reading your daily schedule but have to guess that you are omitting the parts like, flick through junk mail, read glossy mag, pay bilss etc etc!!! but we all know we do it!
    looking gorgeous as usual too xx

  5. I'm having a giggle at you checking messages on your phone while on the toilet - I thought I was the only one that did that! And even then I usually have 'help' while I'm there.

    If I were to record every single thing in my day, it would look chaotic to say the least!

  6. How funny is that toilet moment :) Your snapshots are inspiring. Encourages me to put more thinking on the clothes I wear for the school run + how much work I can actually put in my day. I am with you with the less time for friends observation.

  7. Seriously do not want to record all I do in a day!! LOL! I don't have time to write it all down.ROFLOL!


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