Tuesday, April 13, 2010

day thirteen | refuelling

Tuesdays are pool days, and it's definitely the highlight of the week. Madison jumps out of bed in the morning with a little extra kick in his step. And you can imagine how much more excited that makes him.

He wants to put his board shorts on immediately, and everything that he does that morning is so he can "go to the cool" (he doesn't say pool properly just yet).

After his half hour swimming class, it's time to play in the water with Mummy and Baby Noah (and his little circle of regular pool friends). And what fun we have jumping in and out, in and out, in and out... you get the drift.

So, after all the splashing and diving, jumping and giggling, refuelling is a must. Usually it's a quick bite so he doesn't miss out on the action in the pool...

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  1. I am looking at this photo and thinking, wet food, from chlorine fingers.....yummy! Maybe not, kids just dont seem to care!


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