Thursday, April 15, 2010

day fifteen | boys and their toys

The best Christmas presents are the ones you get when it's March.

Which means Madison is still very excited about his Giant Rocket given to him by his friend Jacob. And today, they were together complete with their rockets, seeing how far they could go. These little beauties are made from soft light foam that go "weally, weally high" according to Madison.

So high, and so light in fact, that it didn't take much to lose them. And after not nearly enough laughter and excitement, both rockets were balancing on branches way up the big oak tree in our backyard.

You should have seen their faces. There were tears.

(And there were giggles from the mummies because it really was funny.)

But luckily Daddy was able to save the day with his long ladder.

Then there was more joy and jubilation... until they landed on the roof of the house.

I get the feeling that Madison and Jacob's mummies will be visiting their local National Geographic store for a handful of those rocket spares.


  1. that first photo is fabulous, ah, the sense of freedom it has. Too funny about the rockets getting stuck, I can imagine the tears and toddler tantrums over that.


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