Monday, April 12, 2010

day twelve | big loader

In the days before Thomas the Tank Engine train sets, toys use to have names that didn't represent a fictional character, TV show or movie.

When Leah was little, she was given a Tomy Big Loader. It's awesome. It has a little vehicle that turns into a truck, a digger and a front loader. It carries ball bearings from one vehicle to another through it's delivery chute and tracks. Leah just loved it.

The best thing about the Big Loader is that it still works and provides hours of fun and entertainment for Leah's little brother Madison 13 years later.

In fact, there were squeals of delight at one point this morning when Madison exclaimed, "Oooh Mummy, the blueberries went down the track really, really fast!"


  1. In the good old days when toys were built to last hey lol.

  2. I am amazed you still have the pieces!!! I dont think any of my toys for the boys have lasted because the pieces seem to vanish!

  3. This toy doesn't come out without 100% supervision, which is why we still have all the pieces, and why he loves it so much. Also, if we lost any pieces, Leah would be upset. It was her favourite!


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