Thursday, April 22, 2010

day twenty two | versatility part two

The boys are at it again.

The giant rockets are certainly getting their money's worth. This week they have been used as prodders, pokers, crutches, bats and weapons.

Today: didgeridoos.

Now, if you weren't aware, my husband and I work in (and are passionate about) Indigenous Ministries. So Madison is quite attuned to the odd bit of didgeridoo playing. In fact, two of his 'uncles' play very well. And he is in constant awe when he sees them in their traditional face paint, stomping their feet and playing some amazing rythmns.

It was so cute watching him sit cross-legged on the verandah (just like the professionals) blowing away like there was no tomorrow. And it was even cuter to see Noah taking it all in, and then giving it a go himself. He wasn't bad.

Perhaps with just a little more training they might get that circular breathing right.


  1. very very cute!! Love the way kids mimic things they have seen.

  2. What was really scary is that they both did a fantastic job!


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