Saturday, April 17, 2010

day sixteen | persistent little fella

A day out on the boat can prove to be relaxing and good for the soul.

The first trip on the boat, however, was a little too relaxed as both boys ended up with red faces while Madison had sunstroke.

So, to up the ante, lots of sun protection was used this time. Shirt (check), sunscreen (check), hat (check). Plus lots of water to keep hydrated.

Madison is a trooper at keeping his hat on, and didn't even mind the regular sunscreen applications.

Noah, on the other hand is quite the opposite. He spent a quality amount of time dodging the sunscreen. And the hat? It just wouldn't stay on.

But I persisted. And persisted.

Then I started counting the times I put the hat on, and stopped... at 100.

Let's just say, keeping the hat on was a full time job.

At least he didn't get sunburnt.

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  1. Look at little sailor bubby! How sweet. Maybe a touch of super glue on the hat would help! LOL!!


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