Tuesday, January 11, 2011

how healthy is your blogging habit?

I'm not sure if you've noticed or not, but I love blogging. Not only writing and journalling, but I love reading your posts, considering your perspective and writing style, responding with my thoughts, and reading other's comments. To me, apart from reading, this is the most immediate hub in which I learn, which I absorb, and which I am challenged.

You see, when I started this whole thing, I could take it or leave it. But as I become more familiar with you and your thoughts, I'm a little more interested that I use to be. And I confess it's a conscious effort not to hop over to my blogger dashboard for blog updates and have a read. Especially when I am preparing dinner, spending time with my kids or working on that production deadline. I pace myself, but sometimes I think I'm bordering on an addiction.

Now, most who know me would say I was a bit of a control freak. I don't drink, don't smoke, don't drink coffee. In fact, I run a mile from anything that could be slightly bad for me or addictive. But this... this has got me by the brain, by my maternal bits, my social side. And I can't shake it.

But I'm curious and have been wanting to ask you for ages... what does your family think of your blog*? What do they think about you blogging? Do they read it? Does your partner grumble when you jump onto your computer to check your messages, or your blog roll? Does it add more to your life? Does it take away from your family? Have you ever been accused of being addicted to blogging?

How do you keep it all in balance?

* insert facebook, twitter, websurfing, youtubing or your technical addiction here.


  1. I am a blog addict too! I properly spend three hours a day on average I must confess. I have been trying to tone it down and only read blogs every second day, even though I am posting every day at the moment. Otherwise I would never get anything done hehe ♥

  2. Oops, logged in under the wrong blogger account, hairfairyclips, messy freckle aka Kelly are the same people ☼

  3. Hi Kymmie,
    Thanks for the supportive comment & follow ;)
    I am following back and see from this post we may have even more in common than the age gap in our spouses & stepkids lol....I have also been know to be a bit (haha) of a control freak, I don't smoke (anymore...7yrs without), I don't drink, I don't do coffee/tea and have also fell head over feet into the blogging community...There's a blog for EVERYTHING! how could you not love it??

    To answer some of your questions...
    I am turning 28 next month (Wayne turns 41 on Friday)....My family HAS NO IDEA I blog (well except my sister-in-law who got me hooked in the first place)...Wayne doesn't grumble when I hop on to check messages etc but he loves to tease me about my computer use, BUT he doesn't use a computer AT ALL & has no clue or desire to use one...I think it definitely adds to my life, I find new recipes, activities for my girls and have a place to "socialize" and share my thoughts, ideas, frustations etc when I don't always have a chance to do in "public" because I am a SAHM who works evenings....I have only been accused by myself of being addicted because I just might be :) But I try to keep a healthy balance...somedays are better than others but by the end of the month it works out...it doesn't take from my kids/relationships.
    It's been nice "meeting"you.
    I look forward to hearing from you throughout 2011.

  4. oooh what a great post Kymmie!!! i love blogging and what the blogging community has to offer too. i think as a stay at home mum it is a way in which i can connect to like minded people and really learn and be inspired but also share idea's around (just like in a mother's group). I am however aware that sometimes it could possibly get out of hand. but similar to you i don't watch tv so blogging is like my little entertainment vice! I like blogging in bits and peices throughout the day when i get a chance too - but try keep it balanced. I've meet (virtually) so many lovely bloggers that i couldn't dream of not having it part of my life now xx

  5. I think as an ex-pat SAHM who doesn't really get much chance to speak with other adults (well not in my native tongue anyway) my husband is remarkably supportive about my blogging obsession, he can grumble occasionally if I've spent too much time on the PC but generally so long as he's fed at regular intervals he's OK.

    He rarely reads it though, which to be honest I'm glad about as it gives me more freedom to write what I want.

  6. I think my family are happy I don't watch so much tv! I have spent a lot of time lately on account of the holidays, my having a leg I couldn't stand on for a while (its grown a lot better now..not perfect but I am walking more each day) and the weather being so wet...only one dry day since New Year...probably a week since the beginning of summer. My dad in NZ and sister are followers! My husband usually works up north so checks in every day. My kids are secretly proud that maybe mum can do something??? I may have to cut down soon as life gets busier again and endure some pain of separation...but for now...I'm all in. (slightly addicted I think...and loving it!!)

  7. Hi Kymmie Just read my post at http://www.lifeonplanetbaby.com/2010/11/my-name-is-jane-and-im-blogoholic.html.
    Oh, and my following 'bloggy rehab' posts! J x

  8. I have definitely had my ups and downs with blog commitment - I'm finding more that it's "there for me" when I need to have an outlet most - which is not all of the time! I try to hold it lightly still - it's not up there with living in the now in "real life"!

  9. lol i blog whenever i can and check for new ones i am hooked all over again. I cant even write well and just blabber on doesnt phase me if no one reads just like a lil online diary haha beautiful picture :)

  10. Oh yes, it's addictive. As I approach my one year blogoversary, I like to think it's a bit more under control. But my family may beg to differ. Between blogging and writing for a living, I think my kids think the computer is permanently attached. And husband refuses to allow an iPhone in the house for fear I'd disappear all together.

    Problem? Who me?

  11. Yep i have to keep it in check definately! I can go on for hours between craft blogs, photography blogs and ones i regularly check (smiling @ you!!). Hubs doesn't read it and apart from followers i have no clue who reads mine. I mainly do it at night and even then have to drag myself away so i go to sleep....but now when things happen or i take photo's I am like oh have to blog that etc. And then I see challenges....ahem!!.....and think oh what can i do to link up for that :-) So yeah it's in my brain a lot.

  12. oh, i'm definitely hooked. i feel like most of my conversations with others these days include the phrase, "on this one blog i read..." i feel like i know some people that i've never met more than some of my friends, simply because i get an intimate look into their lives through their blog. the community found in blogging is an incredible thing.

    that being said, this week i'm feeling a bit bogged down by my blog. i'm a bit weary from all the go, go, go, and so i've decided to only post when i feel like it this week. i don't want this thing that i love to become one more thing that i have to do. in the meantime, i still love reading!

  13. Definitely an addict. My husband tells me I will go blind from being on the computer so much :).

    I love the blogosphere, but at times have to step away. Sometimes I feel like I am spending too much time in this world and not living in the real world.

    Plus, it's a nice distraction. I tell myself - "it's for my business" but at times use it as procrastination!

  14. Oh we do have lots in common :)
    I am only a newbie but am slightly addicted already. I had been thinking about taking the plunge for way too long and finally found the courage although am still finding my feet and tone. Only one of my sisters know within my family network, I guess for me it's alot easier for me to be completely honest in this type of environment than with immediate family..I suffered pnd last year and found it extremely hard to admit to my family. My hubby is really supportive of anything I do and is happy that I have finally found something for ME. Moving from Nz to Brisbane and then to Perth in under four years I have found it hard to get out there and make genuine friends and had started to isolate myself but I have made some great connections now in real life and via blogging and am looking forward to seeing where the journey leads.
    I try and jump online when my children are either asleep or engrossed in activities but do pop on occassionally throught out the day.
    Blogging definitely enriches my life!!
    Tam x

  15. I am seeking a better balance this year. Such a challenge but I just love it toooo much! So glad you are loving blogging too!

    My husband reads everything I post. He loves it.

    My kids love it only when I can still give them lots of attention.

    I am happy to admit that I am seriously addicted and very happy to be. naomi x

  16. yeah,I 'm a little addicted too. But my best friend and I were discussing it this morning (she does not blog, but she loves mine) and she said that it's like the backyard neighors yakking over the fence. I think she's right. Some of us moms don't have another mom to talk to much, so we have our online community instead.

    That said, I do think computer can be as bad as TV for keeping me from engaging in real life and my family. I liked your thoughtful post!

  17. I see what you mean kym - same post just a few months apart! It seems we all face the same dilemma. It's very addictive and I know I need to be aware and have good boundaries - but still not sure exactly how to make it happen. I need to learn to post and then walk away (no checking back all the time). Do you shedule posts? I find that really hard. I write what's in my heart right now. Maybe I need to learn!! Thanks so much for sharing Cazxx


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx