Saturday, January 15, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for... well, everything

Saturdays are the days where our household stops. No TV, no hyper stimulation. Time to spend time together and just be. And because it's our day of rest, there's time to reflect on the six past days and remember all the things I'm grateful for...
  1. Absolutely everything. It's been a dark week. Burying husband's, drowing families, losing houses, losing a year's supply of crops that was once a whole family's income... Every night I've crawled into my sons' beds for a cuddle while they slept and have told my husband every night how much I love him. I'm not taking anything for granted.
  2. Holidays. While I've struggled to just chill out and relax, I think that I'm finally getting my groove back. Must be doing all that... um, not very much. And just in time. Back at work on Monday.
  3. A night out with just hubby. A ten year anniversary is a jolly good excuse to get out without the little lads (I'm so grateful for awesome friends who also pose as wonderful babysitters: thanks Kate and David!). We tried to remember the last time we did this and it was almost a year ago. But I love that we still have lots ot talk about, and love each other's company. And once again, not taking any of it for granted.
Happy Grateful Day.


  1. Happy Anniversary, hope you have a lovely time. x

  2. Brilliant to read about the little things and the big that have warmed your heart this week.

    Here's to a wonderful weekend enjoying your family and the cuddles of your boys,


  3. It's been so up & down this week, that's for sure, happy wedding anniversary, love Posie

  4. Happy anniversary, Kymmie. But I really must insist that you go out with your darling husband more often than once a year!!! x

  5. Happy anniversary :)

    Hope you have a wonderful night


  6. Oh kym i feel your sentiments exactly - i;ve lost count how many times I shed a tear watching the floods or reading tragedies in blog land - very emotional week hey - but not to take away from the fact that celebrating 10 years is amazing! Congrats - you and I have more and more in common! Hubby and I celebrate 10 years in a few is booked and we can't wait. Happy weekend to you xx

  7. Happy Anniversary.
    what more is there to say on a week like this.. you truly are blessed by a loving family and your so right to hold on tight and keep them close... hugs my friend

  8. very nice gratefuls - and a very happy anniversary to you both :-)

  9. Awesome post. Being grateful is something alot of us forget to be.

    Love this and the photo is soo cute X

  10. Happy ten years married! You look like a hot mumma in that dress! Don't leave it another 12 months for your next date. I will try and join in on the fancy pants with my island look, but I am struggling with my limited technology!

  11. This is a great list of things to be grateful for + Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary!
    I love the photo, it's too cute

  12. Glad you had a happy anniversary - we all have a lot to be grateful for don't we everyday !

  13. Kymmie, I just stopped in on your site! Your boys are stunning, your photography glorious and your spirit contagious. I love the fancy pants buttons!

    Happy Anniversary, and Happy Grateful Day to you too.


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx