Thursday, January 06, 2011

this is why boys are so gross

This is what you have to put up with when you live with boys:

Eew. Boys are so gross.

If you're reading this Men In My Life, for the love of Napi-san, wash your hands first before drying them on the hand towel. Geez.

If you're reading this, my darling sister-in-law Glenda C (I have two sisters-in-law with the same name), I promise, these Country Road cream towels you purchased for us haven't always looked like this.

And if you're reading this, my gorgeous girls Kelly and Leah, I can't wait until you come home in three weeks. This place needs some more estrogen.

But if you're seeing this:

Oh, I still love you, my little grots.

How easy it is for you to forgive the mess that your kids (and hubby) make?


  1. You're absolutely right boys are delightfully gross!! Even so your boys are just gorgeous!

  2. Oh they are soooo adorable... grubbiness and all!

  3. Gorgeous pictures! I have two girls and one boy and I would agree my boy is a grot too ♥

  4. Ha! Ha! Laughed a lot at this big boys can still be grotty and need regular lessons on 'How Not to be So Grotty!'. Those are lovely pics of your two grots!!

  5. Something for me to look forward to! I am finding they break a lot of stuff too, nothing is safe from my little man. Your boys really are seriously good looking! They are gunna break lots of hearts:)

  6. Oh who couldn't forgive those faces!!

  7. Oh, they may be grots but they're the cutest ever!


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