Sunday, January 16, 2011

fancy pants

Well, this is as dressy as it's ever going to get here at a day in the life of us. Because this week's Fancy Pants is brought to you by our ten year wedding anniversary.

Of course, I have a pair of wedges on (my favourite kind of shoes ever!), and this dress is more the sort of the urban hippie thing I love to wear. Plus, it's going to be something I will wear for years to come. It's a dress, a top, you can wear it with a belt, without, and accessorise the heck out of it! It's so versatile, comfortable and stretchy (gotta love jersy cotton). Also, it will pack in a suitcase like a dream. (I just wished I had it while I was pregnant - it would have been so comfortable!)

And this little bag? I bought this before I had the little lads at a market in Kuranda, north Queensland. It's so cute and hippie. And this is the first time (in over four years) I've been able to use a bag so small. No nappies, no wipes, no kids toys or drink bottles. Just lipstick, keys and my camera. Oh, to travel so light again!

Hubby looked so swish in his shirt, tie and skinny jeans. (And in case you're wondering, we're not the sort of couple where I lay the clothes out on the bed for him every day. Hubby dresses himself, buys for himself... everything.) He's a man of independence and immense style (and just one of the many reasons I love him so).

The evening was lovely. We talked, ate out in Carlton, talked, and ate ice cream while walking down Lygon Street. My choice? The mango tango, cream and choc ripple. Oh yummy!

It's your turn...

And remember, don't you be feeling like you need to get this dressed up. Just getting out of your tracky dacks is all that's required here. And to remind you how this works: below is where you put your photo. Yes, of you. Or your hubby, boyfriend, children and/or your best friend. The linky is up all week. Can't wait to see you all Fancy Pants!

Here's my button:
a day in the life of us

And my American Inspiration:

Noah wears: SHORTS, Sprout (pre-loved by Madison, gift from mum). Daddy wears: SHIRT, Roger David. TIE, rdx. JEANS, Tarocash. SHOES, Aldo (bought in Dublin). Mummy wears: DRESS/TOP, Ishka (yes that hippy shop). WEDGES, Nine West (on sale!). HOOP EARRINGS, Target ($3!). BANGLES, Target (also $3!). CUFF, Jag.

And while I'm at it, Maxabella commented that I should go out more often than once a year with my hubby. It makes me wonder... how often do you get out with your partner - just the two of you?


  1. You look fab! And I love your bag- wat to cute!!!
    I'm like you don't get out at all with my H.. We have no family on GC to babysit! :(
    Hope you had a fun night xxoo

  2. WOO WOO! How hot are you! Glad you had a nice night :-)

  3. Check you out!!
    You look amazing!

    I wish we got out more...husband works in the city (about 2hrs away) so by the time he gets home it's late and we are both tired.

    Hopefully once we move to the city we will be able to go out again!

    Love your shoes!


  4. I LOVE your dress, you look absolutely stunning! Congrats on ten years xxx

  5. Love the dress! I have been looking for one like that...

    You and your hubs look fab. Happy Anniversary :).

  6. You look fabulous! This is a great idea for a meme. I hope you do it again sometime. After all the Christmas festivities we are cutting down our spending, so no dinners or excuses to dress up.

    We don't get to go out very often because of no babysitters, but I am hoping that once the kids are in school (they start next week), I can persuade hubby to take a day off work once every couple of months so that we can catch a movie and go out for lunch--a daytime date.

    Thanks for stopping by. I am glad to meet you, and I look forward to reading more.

  7. You look stunning - as usual!! I need to buy myself some new work clothes this I might link them up later (but only if you think new gym gear is as fancy as I do!!!)

    Hope you guys had a truely beautiful evening!!

  8. You look absolutely fantastic. You are rocking that LBD.

    The Farmer and I go on a little holiday together without the kids every 18 months or so (please don't think I am a neglectful Mum, they get some quality grandparent time!)

    In between we try and go out together every few months but it gets a bit hard sometimes.

  9. Woah! You look stunning! Happy tenth anniversary!
    I'm not sure I'll ever be ready to join your linky... the closest I've gotten to 'fancy pants' was washing the mud off my legs before I fell into bed last night. But ah I remember my carefree city days when dinner in Lygon street was an every weekend thing....

  10. Aww congratulations! You look stunning, what great legs ;) You and your hubby look equally fabulous!

    Have a great weekend!

    - the runaway

  11. You look stunning...I just love your dress and the wedges *sigh* I so wish I could wear them.

    Sounds like you had a lovely evening out. My hubby and I would go out maybe a few times a year in NZ when we lived by family but now we are living here in Australia I can count on one hand the amount of times we have been out in four years. We do try to have the odd candlelit dinner at home once a just requires us putting the younger ones down and sending the older ones to their rooms early but we need that time to connect and be a couple without the distractions and I feel we owe it to ourselves to make the time and commitment.

  12. You both look stunning! And hubby....whoa awesome suit!! Sounds like a wonderful night on the town. I nodded my head when I read the bit about the small lippy bag......ahhh the bliss of not pulling my shoulder out lugging around my enormous nappy bag. I bet you felt a million bucks (you look it!).


  13. You and hubby both look very nice, glad you had a great time. Congratulations on 10 years.
    I like your backyard design too.
    I see tomatoes...

  14. I love your clothes! And happy anniversary to you! I suddenly miss Carlton and Lygon St.(we used to live in the area) It is absololute bliss walking there at night with the gelato spots.

  15. @ Mummah & Tammi, it's time to make friends and babysit their kids, so they can babysit yours. That's what we did. What a difference it makes!

    @ Vanessa & Elusive Mummy Fish & Gina & Runaway & Ness & Joni, Oh shucks. Thank you!

    @ Sass, when do you move to the city?

    @ Tropical Mum, we do Fancy Pants every week here. I hope you can join in next week!

    @ Cate, anything that isn't pyjamas is allowed in Fancy Pants, even new sports gear!

    @ A Farmer's Wife, no guilt from here, everyone needs a break every 18 months! So glad you get out.

    @ Kate, you can join in every time. Dirty boots and all ;)

    @ River, yes 24 of them. And cabbages, cucumber, potatoes, onions, strawberries, rhubarb... you need to visit our garden!

  16. you are looking super HOT! I love that dress and by the way - so love the backyard if it is yours. Hubby looks great too and congrats on the 10 years. Naomi x

  17. alright, I just sat down and devoured your blog. So have fallen in love with it again and am totally adding you to my blog list! You are just super cute and I love your confidence and desire to be a great mother and wife. Keep up the awesome posts. Naomi x

  18. wow Kym - you look SO HOT RIGHT NOW!! lovin' the dress and i can see why you love it too - looks so versatile!! And SNAP again! Another common love between us - Lygon street - hubby and I love eating out or just popping in for gelato (coz we are mainly with the kids). We try and get out on our own when we can, but it's not as often as it should be. I'm going to link up tomorrow ok! I'll snap snap away xx
    Sounds like you had a wonderful night out - and your hubby is looking oh so fine in his attire xx

  19. Whew! Now THOSE are Fancy Pants! Lookin' sharp! Happy 10 yr!!!

  20. You look lovely! You and your husband look so good together. Happy anniversary ;-D

  21. You look stunning, love your wedges! Hope you had a great night, Happy Anniversary ♥

  22. STUNNING! I love the dress and the shoes and they go together perfectly. This outfit is the sort of thing I would wear myself, Kymmie. Happy wedding anniversary, gorgeous you two. x

  23. Kymmie! you are such a hot mama and I'm truly glad we can be friends through blogger world! :) you looked absolutely stunning & am glad that your one year anniversary with your hubby went well!

    I'm not married, but my bf & I like to do "monthsaries." this is the part where some people gag over the mush factor ;D. but we use it to take time to reflect where God has brought us, things he's been teaching us, and just to celebrate our love that is only possible by Him alone.

    ps: your husband looks like a refined/noble version of Kenny G. ;)

  24. Congrats on 10 years! Hope you had a great night out. Hubby and I are 4 years this year... feels a lot longer! ;)
    We don't get to go out too often. Maybe 3 or 4 times a year. (We have two under three so it's been hard but we do manage to get out!)
    Love these posts! You look amazing!
    xo MODELmumma

  25. You look bloody fantastic - great legs!! Happy you had a wonderful night.
    My hubbie and I (up until we moved house at Christmas)used to go out once a month. I had an arrangement with one of my closest friends that I would go to her house once a month and look after her 3 kids so they could go out, and then once a month she would come to my house and look after my 3 kids so we could go out. It was fantastic!! We always booked the dates a few months in advance so if we wanted to organise lots of friends to join us for dinner somewhere we could. I miss it but luckily for me my friend is moving house close to us again in about 5 months so we can star this up again.

  26. We never get out :-( Too hard to find babysitters but I really want to as our anniversary is coming up.....

  27. If I could whistle really loudly over the internet, I would be doing it now! You look fab and I'm so glad you guys had a great time out together. I know how important that is. I stole away for a few days with my man last week and can you believe I didn't get one picture :( Had my fancy pants on and everything

  28. You look STUNNING!!!

    Gorgeous dress, gorgeous shoes, gorgeous EVERYTHING!

    Can we have more picks of your garden because that looks beautiful too!!


    p.s. You have a new follower!


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