Sunday, January 09, 2011

fancy pants

We're getting ready for a backyard safari with the warm weather finally arriving in Melbourne. Just in time for the first Fancy Pants of the year (so yes, sorry if we're a little pale). Even hubby is in on it today (and it didn't take too much convincing either).

And the feature? My Christmas present to myself: oh, lovely wedges.


If you know a little about me, you will know that most of my shoes are wedges. I'm not a stiletto kind of girl, and well, wedges are awfully comfortable, and look awesome (in my opinion, anyway). I spotted these very ones in Adelaide whilst visiting family in September. Once seen, these shoes were not forgotten. By December, I decided they had to be purchased... three months later. That's how much I loved them!

Madison and I are working our khakis, and I love these shorts of Madison's. In fact, this post ought to be sponsored by Witchery because that's what he and I are both wearing. (Damn that Witchery shop opening up nearby...)

Hubby, well he's in his Melbourne Blacks. And always looks smart. So it's only fair that I give his style a plug. I personally love it. (My very own rock star.) And his style suits him to a tee.

Oh, and here's a close up of my neckwear...

And just in case you can't remember how this works: below is where you put your photo. Yes, of you. Or your hubby, boyfriend, children and/or your best friend. The linky is up all week. Can't wait to see you all Fancy Pants!

Here's my button:

a day in the life of us

And my American inspiration is:

Madison wears: SHORTS, WitcheryKids. YOGHURT ICYPOLE, Tupperware (and made my Mummy). Daddy wears: TSHIRT, Bonds. JEANS, Tarocash. SHOES, Aldo (bought in Dublin). GUITAR: Maton. Mummy wears: SINGLET, Witchery. CARGO SKIRT, Witchery. WEDGES, Tony Bianco. WOOD & STRING NECKLACE, Tree of Life. WOOD & BEAD NECKLACES, Diva. NAILPOLISH, Maybelline ForeverStrong Berry Persistent.

Fancy Pants is one way I document my boys and their cute little outfits.
Goodness knows, they'll grow out of them before they're worn out!


  1. Ohhh you all look beautiful!!! I love your shoes and necklace too, what a score! And doesn't your yard look so nice and green. To be expected after all this rain I guess. Lovely photos. Xx

  2. Oh my those shoes are just devine!

  3. Gorgeous!!!! Oh, and I'm in LOVE with your shoes - perfection!

  4. Man, how gorgeous are you and your family???!!! Far out. And I WANT THOSE SHOES (where in Adelaide did you get them?) xx

  5. I saw these shoes at Wild Child Stylelab on The Parade, Norwood. But I ended up buying them online at Tony Bianco. But I recommend shopping at Wild Child. They have an awesome collection of all things gorgeous. And yes, including shoes! They had another pair to die for also... xx

  6. OK, loving the witchery shoes, yes, darn that shop!

  7. Now you see, I'm a stiletto chick, but today (yes this morning in fact) I came across the most DEVINE and seriously comfortable pair of wedges EVER. But they weren't on sale which goes against every shopping fibre in my body so I put them down and walked away. But now that I've seen this post and your wedges, I may have to find an excuse and a wad of cash and go back and get them ...

  8. Why am I not surprised by you buying a new pair of wedges!!! You do kinow that you have passed on your love affair with them to me! For exactly the same reasons, they look great and are always comfy, plus they add a few inches to my stature!

  9. By the way my hubby is a rocker from way back. When I met him he looked identical to your hubby but blonde hair. Lol We have guitars and amps all over the house, hanging from walls, in every room, I bet you can relate:)

  10. Oh, I forgot to mention: Witchery and Tony Bianco are basically owned by the same company (hence my love for both of them!) and I found an identical pair of wedges in Witchery, but just a slightly different tan. And on sale. Run girls run!!!

  11. I love this! You photo's are awesome! You have lovely feet!! (The shoes look nice too) I hate my feet that's where that random comment came from lol. I will have to think of ways to take interesting pics of me if I am brave enough to join :-) Hubby is rocking the look too oh yeah!!

  12. such lovelt fotos you take :)
    thank u for commenting my blogs xox

  13. a just a bit stunning!! And the hubby is pretty cool too - great couple :-)
    Love your shoes btw - thanks for the tip about the shop on the parade...I'll pass it on to my sister (she *lives* for shoes!!)

  14. Married to rock you are! Great outfit & fab wedges. We'll be ready next week to join in your linky (hopefully). Have a great week Kymmie!

  15. What a beautiful post, love your wedges! What a super cool and stylish looking family you have ☼

  16. Hi!!
    You are super cUte!
    More of a wedge girl myself and yours are delish
    beautiful photos

  17. Hello fellow Melburnian. I saw your comment on the blog "The Coffee Lady". Best you get cracking on those Chrissy cards for 2011. Go on, I dare you!!!! :)
    Love your outfit, the shoes are to die for.
    Oh and B.T.W., where did the sunshine go? Grrrrr.
    Have a great day,

  18. Love those shoes! Love that first pic as well... you both look really happy (and why wouldn't you, what with all that Witchery-lovin' going on?!)
    Clea xx

  19. you guys rock Kymmie!
    loving the look ♥

    p.s I LOVE Melbourne black

  20. oh - how did i miss this post?? i love your style, this outfit rocks and those shoes are divine!! now all i must do is make a note and join in your fancy pants link - this is one mumma that liks to get fancy every now and again xx

  21. ps - hubby and son look gorgeous too

  22. I love the look of wedges but am a flats girl..just don't feel they suit me.
    You are gorgeous and I love your necklace!!


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