Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Not being biased at all, but I think I live in the best country in the world. It's beautiful, we are free to live as we want, we live in a land of plenty, and who really can complain that Melbourne or Tassie are too cold? After all, it barely snows in this country.

After being stuck at home for, like forever, I said to hubby we should do something to celebrate Australia Day. Even if it was for just an hour. So, we made our way out to our nearest celebrating Lake Park to feel part of the day: flagless, green and goldless, red/white/blueless, hatless and tattooless (australian flags, of course).

We watched as the band tinkered on the stage, and as the scouts sizzled their sausages. The face painting tent was full as was the playground and jumping castle.

As lunchtime neared, our 4 year old decided we had to have sausage sandwiches. But looking at the line of people holding slices of bread in hope was a little discouraging. The line went on forever, and it seemed nobody else was doing a sausage sizzle (perhaps except Bunnings down the road). And there was nothing else on offer except for coffee and soft drinks.

It was a struggle, but we had him convinced that chips and a chicken burger would be better. At... Nando's. Yes, we're very Australian. And Nando's was just across the road. But it seemed Nando's just would not do. So we did Hungry Jack's. A bit further away, but yes, much more patriotic.

As we headed back to our car we bumped into some of our neighbours. They had their wine, their chicken and coleslaw sandwiches and their deck chairs out. Their daughters had socks around their ankles handwritten in green and gold "Australia" and they had their Akubras on.

My neighbour pointed out some of the sights - a first generation Asian family flying Australian flags, a middle eastern couple (complete with burka) enjoying the festivities, a group of handicapped elderlies sitting in front of us, and the band on the main stage yodelling (badly) for all they were worth, and playing their piano accordians.

She said, "It's so beautiful. I love it."

And I couldn't have said it any better.

Because it's the differences and contrasts in this country that make it beautiful to me.

Happy Australia Day everyone.

How did you celebrate Australia Day? What is it to be Australian to you?


  1. We have spent the morning at the beach with some friends. The Farmer squeezed in a quick Scuba dive with a mate. This afternoon we are going to catch up with some more friends for a pizza making evening...

    I think we are incredibly blessed to be Australian.

  2. My husband was able to visit Australia, both Sydney and Melbourne and he said it is indeed beautiful. Happy Australia Day!

  3. Happy Australia Day! I can only imagine the beauty. I love to look at your pics, I marvel at the short sleeves and pants right now...its below zero here! brrrr....

  4. Happy Australia Day Kym!
    We gate crashed my bro in law's 18th BBQ and got some sausages in bread. And had pasta for dinner. Hubby had a VB so I suppose we were a bit Aussie then. :D

  5. That sounds so lovely..... I didn't make it to any 'official' celebrations... I used to work in local government events and spent one too many years sticking australian tattoos on sweaty arms (shudder). Happy to skip that sort of thing for a few years until I forget just a little bit! I did eat sausages though!!

  6. With babble dad working I didn't get out to any festivities. I always find the big events with two little kids on my own a bit much.

    Looking at pics of pav around the blogosphere makes me really want some though.

  7. we had a very quiet day at home with the kids - I love your story...i think we do live in a lucky country that we have so much diversity right on our door step. It certainly enriches our lives xx

  8. Today was special as I officially became a citizen :) Though alone & no one to take my photos, I enjoyed the speech at the ceremony very much. One stating that Australia is truly unique in that unlike other countries, it fares well with people from differing backgrounds living together harmoniously.

  9. Did some sewing, had a nana nap in the hot part of the day and then made a salad and went to a bbq...quite an aussie day really!

  10. That's so beautiful- I love it. Even though there can be a lot of BS in the U.S. about differences, the thing I love most about my country is that there is every type of person.

    I live in a "non-white" neighborhood. We recently moved here because it was less expensive and when I walk my dogs I see older Asian couples walking hand in hand, Muslim women pushing their babies in strollers, and Mexican kids playing soccer. I think I prefer living this way. It is beautiful to see all the different people live in harmony with one another.

  11. Oz is indeed the best place in the world!
    We celebrated by eating Breaky out and then hitting the beach for a while. It was hot and crowded but really nice.

  12. Hope you had a wonderful Australia Day everyone. xx

  13. Tasmania isn't cold ENOUGH for me!! LOL

    We had a quiet Aussie Day - I worked in the morning and then we just chilled at home.



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